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Travel Industry
By AMELIA MATTHERS 1,450 views

5 Genuine Tips for Travel Industry to Follow in 2019

Traveling industry is a global business category that benefits all and sundry, regardless of geographical position and not to mention the global customer base it attracts for the involved businesses. But no matter how lucrative the traveling industry might feel like for businesses involved in it, it is true that there are several difficulties that these businesses have to face in order to generate substantial revenue to eventually turn a profit. So here are 5 workable and authentic tips that travel industry must be using in 2019 to safeguard their business interest.

Embrace Digital Channels

If you have been living under the rock and does not know about the seismic shift introduces by digital channels, then news flash: Travel Industry is generating a major chunk of its sales from digital sources. With many travel based platforms launched and social media channels offering free eyeballs to attract to your locations, travel industry and businesses involved in it are no longer reliant on word-of-mouth marketing or referral system for attracting new customers.

Get Innovative with Marketing

Instagram and other sites like Trivago might have created a level playing field for the traveling industry but it is important to utilize these channels smartly as well. Don’t just post stuff about how awesome your services are or what kind of luxuries travelers might expect when they visit your hotel. Be sure to give them a taste of action through visual and interactive content. Post all you can about an upcoming event in your town or near your town. Share as many stories as you can about a truly historic landmark. Remember that, only those businesses can win the most customers that can beat not only their local competition but also the competition they face from businesses targeting travelers to their local tourist attraction.

Deter Identity Theft

Identity theft is pretty common within the traveling industry and several business entities have been burnt by this scamming technique in which identity particulars, or worse, financial information of a naive user was used to avail residence at luxury resorts, pay for fancy restaurant meals and fly business class on world’s most expensive flights. Identity authentication becomes important for such businesses by verifying the customer information and there are several KYC service provider that can come in handy for businesses involved in the traveling industry.

Integrate Credit Card Fraud Prevention

Credit card scams are one of the most common cutbacks in the revenue streams of travel and hospitality business. The business involved in this industry can reduce credit card scams by integrating solutions such as Shufti Pro that can authenticate the credit card payments in real time. Shufti pro not only ensures the physical presence of credit card but also checks the credit card is actually valid or not by performing various checks such as:

  • Check for photoshopped elements
  • Check for the credit card number
  • Check for accuracy of format
  • Check for Credit Card Expiry Date

Keep Working on Customer Service

Last, but not least, customer service still reigns supreme in the travel industry as more and more travelers flock the hottest tourist destination. So don’t forget to spend a satisfactory amount of money in training your hotel staff or airline staff on how to improve their client satisfaction practices. After all, better customer service will help you stand out among the rest of your competitors and don’t forget that your competition is not just with businesses based around you but those based in other competitor tourist destinations as well.

Amelia Matthers

Amelia Matthers is a tech enthusiast that has hands on experience in marketing of various KYC verification and online identity services. With focus on educating businesses about the threats involved with online frauds and identity theft, Amelia has worked extensively to propagate large scale adaption of innovative KYC and AML compliance solutions. Always a keen learner and seeker of an online marketplace free of online frauds, Amelia is go-to-guy for identity verification and KYC verification.