There are several steps involved in buying or selling a house. Whether they represent the buyer or the seller, they play a vital role in pushing the process along as a real estate agent. From getting the listing to arranging home inspection Calgary agents ensure a property purchase happens. They do so by catering to the needs of their clients and helping them at each step. Therefore, it makes sense to have an article on home inspection tips for real estate agents to make their jobs easier.

How listing agents can help buyers with an inspection

Most sellers realize that their house needs some changes before they can be listed. Listing agents can help narrow down the list of repairs needed to make the house even more valuable. Fixing these issues can ensure a smooth sale. However, agents need to prepare their clients for a home inspection. The purpose of the assessment is for buyers to negotiate the prices and repairs. Listing agents can prevent this by getting sellers ready for the inspection. Doing so will reflect positively on the inspector’s final report. 

Preparing for the home inspection

One of the first steps towards preparing for a home inspection is fixing visible issues. Agents need to get sellers to fix certain problems to avoid losing the interested buyer, like: 

  • Plumbing issues including leaks and clogs in the drains and faucets
  • Rotting exterior wood
  • Ceiling stains and its source
  • Mold buildup in the attic

The next step is to check the condition of any prior repairs, like electrical work. Lastly, the path for inspectors need to be clear, and they should have access to all parts of the house. 

Should real estate agents attend inspections?

As an agent, you may want to attend the home inspection, knowing its importance in the buying process. However, should real estate agents attend inspections? The answer leans towards no. Assessing a house is a tedious task with comprehensiveness required. As such, having the buyer and seller and their agents at the house becomes a crowd that inspectors don’t want. Therefore, it is best to let the professional inspect the home on their own in peace. 


There is no doubt that real estate agents help individuals involved in property purchase close the deal. They assist in listing the house or finding the perfect place that meets the requirements of buyers. However, their services go beyond that and extend towards getting a property home inspection ready. After all, each closed sale benefits them. As such, they may try attending the house assessment to help their buyers further. With knowledge about past sales, agents can help their clients purchase or sell their homes with little hassle. 

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