The flooring of the house is the main attraction of the house. Many people do not intend to invest much amount on their floors, but three things are most important for home improvement and they are the flooring, ceiling and wall colors of your home. There are various things that are to be kept in mind before choosing any random any material for the floor. You need to choose the best materials and you must select a reputed floor designer for your home improvement. The floor materials which you have chosen must have water and stain resistant capacity and you should ask for the warranty from the floor designer.

How would you choose the best flooring for your house?


In a house there are many rooms that serve different purpose, for example, the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom etc. for different rooms the choice of flooring also differs in the following ways-

  • While choosing the flooring for bedrooms we should always go for materials that are gentle and easy to clean.

  • The entry of the houses are crucial areas that draw the attention, we should go for materials that are trendy, attractive but at the same time able to bare mud, dust or rainfall. For this purpose, we can go for wooden flooring or heavy-duty tiles or marbles.

  • For bathrooms and kitchen, we should always use material that has mat finish and they must have slip and water-resistant capacity. Apart from that, you should check the durability and longevity of these flooring before you install them in your bathroom and kitchen.



  • Tiles: These are costlier than marble flooring, but at the same time this is best as it does not absorb much water and they do not get affected by wear and tear. For house flooring purpose vitrified tiles are idle as it can withstand heavy duty. We choose the size and color of the tile according to the room size and wall color, any random pick up may not look good.

  • Marbles: These are cheaper than tiles and are mainly idle for commercial areas. As this is made of natural materials and they have more porcelain and tend to absorb more moisture. It also requires good maintenance and hence is not suitable for house flooring.

  • Wooden flooring: These are the costliest flooring material, but they are most elegant one. The modern wooden flooring is easy to maintain and are very durable. In the long run, if it gets damaged also we just need to use a spot remover and becomes new, whereas tiles and marbles have to replaced with anew one, hence this is cost effective and at the same time eco-friendly.



This is a most important point that we need to keep in mind before choosing the floor material. Slate, tiles and ceramic are the material which is expensive to us while buying but at the same time this is more durable and very easy to clean.

If we have less budget we can go for synthetic flooring or marbles, as this is cheaper than the rest. This also comes in various attractive colors and shapes, but amongst all the white marble is a bit costlier than the other colors but efficient too.

So, before we can choose the idle flooring the above tips should be followed. For more details you can search different kinds of flooring online and then read their features accordingly. But before you choose the final one, you must compare their price according to their durability. Even in this case, you can hire some experts or floor designers, and they can suggest you the best floorings within your budget.

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