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In this put up we endorse to introduce the reader to tokenization, explaining in a easy way the basic questions of the process.

At Tokeniza we firmly agree within tokenization as a new shape of monetary courting between owners and buyers. Tokenization can wreck down boundaries to entry inside the actual property region and bring more liquidity, virtual liquidity.

1. The idea of “tokenization”

Tokenization is thought to be the linking of the monetary proper to the asset with the virtual token, permitting its fractional registration and immediately “on-line” transmission with complete prison certainty.

Tokenization may be applied to any asset, tangible or intangible, consisting of real estate, works of art, commercial enterprise exploitation outcomes, intellectual property; and it could benefit various monetary dealers from individuals, institutions or businesses of any size.

Thanks to the usage of Block-chain technology, tokenization has the benefits of registration, traceability and immediately transmission of its accounting devices “tokens”, allowing immediacy and technical security in operations.

Tokenization is a very modern criminal enterprise that encompasses specific credit score rights over the asset. Therefore, fantastic care must be focused on the layout of the criminal solution that helps it. For instance, the Spanish civil code recognizes that there are ” numerus apertus”, however with boundaries, of actual rights. So a particular real proper will be created if the formal necessities are met. A type of “fruit” real right and bind it to the token.

This thesis is supported by some property registrars in Spain, however, the reality is that whilst you switch it to the notaries, it isn’t always nicely acquired and, in preferred, they require a current real right to raise the legal business of the property to a public deed. Tokenization.

2. Real property tokenization

The use case chosen by means of Tokeniza for its pilot undertaking, and commercialization of the provider inside the quick time period, is that of the tokenization of real estate assets. The traits of the actual property marketplace in Spain make it the right putting, for the reason that:

The huge quantity of commercial enterprise in the actual estate market in Spain
The capital in depth want to invest
The low liquidity of the funding
High regulation and forms of transactions (buying and promoting)
They make tokenization the perfect ally for belongings proprietors and financial traders to reap new varieties of investment and financing within the sale of actual estate.

3. Digital representation of monetary law

The procedure starts through linking the economic proper to the property to the virtual token. Understanding the profits it may generate as a monetary proper of a property. Basically the “monthly rent” and the “capital advantage on sale.”

For this, the phrases and conditions of the tokenization are drawn up, which might be in the long run the digital illustration agreement of the “token” within the marketplace. The distribution of income, term, scope, extension, duration and give up of the tokenization are set up, among others.

For instance, we need to tokenize a assets with the following terms:

Estimated month-to-month hire: € seven-hundred internet (subtracting fees)
Estimated sale capital advantage: + 10% of the tokenization value (subtracting buy and sale fees)
Duration: five years
ROI: 17%
End: sale of the property «off chain»
Number of tokens: 10,000
Current property value: $ 250,000
In order to simplify the instance, we are going to recollect that the variety of tokens represents a hundred% of the property. Therefore, every token prices $ 25 and represents 0.01% of the credit score proper on the rents of the property. Check here the best real estate tokenization

real estate tokenization

4. Purchase and sale of tokens

The tokens are issued on a block-chain and all will initially be discovered within the wallet of the issuer (the authentic proprietor of the belongings).

When the provider makes a decision to position them up for sale, the fundraising for the ones tokens begins. They may be offered in ways:

Buyers ship cryptocurrencies to a sure address and the settlement routinely sends them the tokens they have offered)

In case of trying to accept payments using fiat money, the company sends the tokens to the customers once the price is acquired

The sale of tokens in the number one market may be achieved thru a public providing (certified through the CNMV), or via a private providing. You may even organize a pre-sale segment, earlier than issuing the tokens, in order that the proprietor decides if there may be enough call for to tokenize the assets.

Investors who purchase the tokens acquire the credit score proper in percentage to the percentage of tokens received. In the event of a partial token sale, the proprietor is the holder of the remaining tokens and will become some other investor in her assets. In addition, traders could be capable of promoting their tokens in a secondary marketplace, furnished that the new acquirer is of the same opinion to the phrases and situations of tokenization of the property.

In order to buy and sell the tokens, the investor may have to properly perceive himself (KYC), coming into the “whitelist” of the clever agreement. In all instances, the technological platform knows the identity of the registered buyers in each clever contract transaction, to conform with the felony requirements for the prevention of cash laundering, information safety, and any other cutting-edge law.

5. Distribution of profits

In order to assure the defense of investors’ pastimes, the authentic owner does not have to manipulate of the belongings. If you’ve got bought all the tokens, you’re unlinked from the assets. If you have got a percent of the tokens, you enjoy the credit proper at the earnings of the belongings in its corresponding proportion.

Therefore, the management of the property is achieved via an independent manager, who watches over the interests of buyers always. In short, maximize the income of the assets (monthly lease and sale).

Tokeniza has designed the distribution of income as follows:

The periodic distribution of earnings (monthly or quarterly) is finished the usage of DAI tokens. This cryptocurrency is tied to the price of america dollar, which guarantees a certain stability.
In every period, gross rent minus actual property prices are transferred to an account on an trade and the finances are used to buy DAI cryptocurrency.

The DAIs are despatched to the smart contract, for you to distribute the token holders in line with the amount they’ve in their wallets. In order to get hold of this income, the proprietor of the wallet must appear in the whitelist.
When the situations of the smart settlement are met (those set within the T&C) and there may be a firm offer to sell the belongings, the sale will continue.
The quantity of the sale, minus the charges generated, might be dispensed to the holders of the tokens that appear inside the whitelist and the existing tokens can be destroyed. Thus finishing the tokenization, with the final sale of the belongings to a third birthday celebration.
For those who aren’t related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, there is a sequence of additional services that make the income distribution process extra transparent and simple, working with fiat money.

6. Benefits of tokenization

The major advantage this is obtained with tokenization, compared to real property crowdfunding systems, is the liquidity of the funding. The holder of a token does no longer wants to anticipate the time period of the investment to conclude to get better the predominant of the investment. You can get the right of entry to a decentralized market and put your tokens up for sale on the desired fee. As soon as a client accepts the provide, they can have their cash at once.

Another advantage is the agility of the tokenization system for assets proprietors who need to get admission to liquidity speedy. They are supplied the possibility of selling all or part of that belongings to a community of “consumers” (buyers), with plenty much less legislative crimson tape than a conventional sale.

7. Legal protection

By issuing the tokens, the provider is contractually dedicated to making sure the interest of the holders (buyers) as the highest precedence. Keeping the belongings in the most effective situation and maximizing your income. In the event that this isn’t fulfilled, token holders might also workout their rights through legal way towards the company.

In addition, the tokenized assets are secured by means of a legal solution that protects the property towards any transaction, sale, or mortgage, with 0.33 events outside the block-chain chain.

In the case of Tokeniza’s legal solution, the tokenization commercial enterprise is extended to a public deed before a notary public and registered in the Land Registry. In this way, the company is averted from executing operations that pass towards the pastimes of the token holders.

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