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Hair Extension Business
By JENNIFER DALTON 1,932 views

Essential Tools for Transforming your Hair Extension Business

The revolution in the fashion industry has brought a lot of changes in cosmetic products. A few years back, the trend of using hair extensions was not so popular. This thought has changed in the modern era. While visiting the market, many stacks of hair extension boxes can be seen on the shelves. This is a clear indication that this particular business is booming in the market. Many new ways of applying artificial hair lengths are being introduced in the market. This is attracting new customers which in turn are increasing the product demand.

Hair Extension

Many companies are using working to day and night to make their name in the market. All of these firms need some tips to make their name noticeable. Here are a few pointers that can make a difference in the transformation process of a hair extension company.

8 Essential Tools for the Transformation of Hair Extension Business

1. Pay Attention to Packaging

Hair Extension Packaging

Hair extension boxes need to be created with perfection. The main reason a customer selects a product is because of its packaging. The colors and patterns printed on the box make a good impression on the mind of the buyer. These prints should be printed on good material as well. Cardboard, plastic, and fabric are some of the material options that can be used to create a box. All these box styles can be further decorated to gain attention. Foils and colored wrapping papers play a great role in perfect personalization of the boxes. Taking care of packaging is important to point that can result in increased sales of the items.

2. Quality of Products

Quality Hair Extension

A good quality product never goes unnoticed by the consumers. Many companies are manufacturing these products. Along with hair extension packaging, the quality of the extension is important as well. These items are a mark of beauty and style. By using them, a consumer feels confident about their look. This is the reason for creating these items with good hair. The smoothness and good coloring contribute to making a good quality product. If companies produce good quality extensions, they are sure to leave a mark in the market.

3. Online Access

Online Access

The Internet has become the most important part of business growth in today’s world. Everyone is always online for one thing or another. If people need to search for details about something, they go only. The results shown on the search engines become a source of knowledge from them. Every company should make their website and get it ranked. Relevant keywords and content make the website go up in their ranking. As the content on the website gets more informative, it becomes more accessible to the general public. It directs the internet traffic to your website thus increasing its popularity.

4. Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platform

Advertising via social media platforms is an important feature of marketing. Multiple websites can be accessed to make your page or account. Different lucky draws can be held to attract the buyers to your page. Winners of competitions and contests can be given extra credit or free products. This increases the popularity of the company. Asking people to tag their family and friends on your post to win something can bring more audience to the page. This creates an awareness chain that increases the number of potential clients.

5. Print Marketing

Print Marketing

Written material has always been a great way to market a product. Spreading positive news about the brand and the item gets interesting with hardcopies. Brochures, guidebooks, business cards, pamphlets, and other printed material can be handed out to people. Companies can put these papers in the extension boxes or hand them out on public meetings. This type of marketing is better than any other form. That is because it stays with the client for a longer period.

6. Sponsored Retailing

Sponsored Retailing

Big retailing names create a great impact on the transformation of the business. Once your company collaborates with a renowned market or selling point, the popularity of the item grows. People trust those retail companies which turn into your favor. Stacking these retail points with your hair extension boxes wholesale by PakBoxes help you gain popularity. Another way to promote your item is by brand collaboration. You can sell your product as a package deal with other relevant products. Hair colors, shampoos, conditioners, and masks can become a good partner for hair extension. Free branding also works in favor of the company.

7. Word of the Mouth

hair extension marketing

Famous celebrities can be interviewed about why they use your product specifically. Actors, singers, and models have a huge impact on the buying trend of people. Incorporating their names or faces in televised ads or online marketing can prove beneficial as well.

8. Application Tutorials

hair extension tutorial

Help out your customers in every way possible. Some people are new to using this item. Making good quality videos or clip blogs can help them out. You can tell people about how to use your product. Different hairstyles and pinning options can bring variety to your particular brand. Specifying the important features that are only available in your brand can make the customers buy it. The product can be made specific and memorable by using custom hair extension boxes. This is how a business can excel in the market.

All these points can be taken into consideration by the company owners. Using all these tips can renovate the way people treat your hair extension brand.

Jennifer Dalton

My name is Jennifer Dalton. My hometown is Delaware but recently shifted to Illinois USA. I have completed my degree in Marketing. I’ve 4 years of experiences in multinational companies relevant to printing and packaging. Currently, I’m working with