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By DORIAN MARTIN 679 views

Top 11 Cutting-Edge Digital Learning Content Creation Platforms

A survey from Deloitte found out that half of the classrooms today use technology for teaching and learning. With how the trend is going, it is foreseen by about 75% of teachers that printed textbooks are undoubtedly going to be replaced by digital learning content within the next 10 years.

Educators Must Take Advantage of the New Digital Learning Trend

The internet has prompted the greatest leap forward in the delivery of learning content. It’s no longer a question of whether educators should embrace digital learning. The only question left is how learning professionals can make the most out of this trend.

Whether you teach math or science to K-12 students or have an expertise in digital photography, it is definitely a brilliant move to start looking into cutting-edge digital learning content creation platforms that can take your valuable information or courses to the next level so that they are apt to the ongoing digital revolution trend.

Digital Content Improves Student’s Accessibility to Learning Materials

The advent of these cutting-edge content creation platforms has opened an avenue for students to no longer need to get a hold of content in its physical form. With highly intuitive eLearning content, students can just focus on learning, answering quizzes, drafting outlines, creating projects and using educational checking tools that allow any student to be confident to say, I trust my paper. A simple visit to a website, whenever or wherever a student sees fit, instantaneously opens a world of knowledge.

Top 10 Elearning Authoring Platforms

Here is a short but concise overview of the top 10 eLearning authoring platforms you can use to create cutting-edge digital learning content.

Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate is a smart authoring toolkit that allows educators to generate all kinds of highly responsive eLearning content.

The 2019 version of Adobe Captivate now supports 360-degree media that gives students the ability to immerse themselves in the virtual reality learning experience. It offers learners the opportunity to navigate almost real-life situations in a risk-free environment.

This authoring tool makes it easy for learning professionals with zero knowledge in programming to transform PowerPoint slides into interactive digital learning content that works on every device.

Gomo Learning

Gomo is a multi-device digital learning content creation platform that gives educators the possibility of creating professional content and distribute it within minutes. Gomo comes with an efficient drag-and-drop interface that requires no programming skills. This platform allows educators to easily embed third-party web content into courses. Gomo’s best feature is its ability to translate courses into multiple languages.


Koantic is a cloud-based digital content creation platform for educators who don’t want the hassle of installing and updating software. The eLearning authoring tool is highly intuitive and easy-to-use with lots of unique course templates. One of its best features is its ability to integrate quizzes in a video making it more efficient to track student’s learning progress.

Lumesse CourseBuilder

Lumesse CourseBuilder is a cloud-based eLearning authoring tool that allows collaboration in content creation. It also supports multi-language translation. Learning professionals can collaboratively create and publish one course that will play on multiple devices, multiple platforms, and multiple languages.

iSpring Suite

iSpring is a digital content creation toolkit that helps educators create courses, quizzes, and video presentations without any additional training. It has an easy to use drag-and-drop interface integrated into PowerPoint, making it easy for users to create and publish eLearning courses and content.


isEazy is a cloud-based content-generating tool that allows educators to create digital learning content or e-learning courses that can work on any device. It features real-time editing that gives the user a preview of the entire course as the student would see it on a PC, tablet or mobile device.


Elucidat is a high-quality eLearning toolkit that provides a wide array of tried and tested templates that help users create over-the-top digital learning content. It is a cloud-based platform with a user-friendly interface and adequately marked buttons providing ease for both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy professionals.

Pick the Writer

Pick the Writer is a top writing services review platform, where each student will find a perfect writer to help them create or edit any sort of educational content. This will definitely ease the academic struggles every student is facing from time to time.


Easygenerator is an easy to use tool for both content creators and students. With this platform, content creators can generate one course that is easily compatible with multiple devices. It has a user-friendly interface that allows authors without programming expertise to publish high-quality learning content using any of its wide array of predesigned templates.

dominKnow | ONE

dominKnow | One lets users customize beautiful and interactive eLearning content without having to change content for different device sizes.  This platform automatically publishes a multi-device course without any hassle.


Raptivity is an award-winning eLearning authoring platform. Users can instantly create stunning digital learning content not limited to presentations, simulations, assessments, games, and quizzes. Raptivity allows educators to concentrate on designing visually appealing content rather than programming a learning software.

To Conclude

The list provided is just some of the best content creation tools that can come in handy for beginner educators and learning professionals who have just recently taken the big transition into digital content.

Regardless of what content you’re publishing, these eLearning authoring tools make it easier for you to focus on writing the content rather than figuring how to program software.

Dorian Martin

Dorian Martin is a content researcher and writer at Studicus and BestEssayEducation.