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The regular intake of fruits and veggies is an important thing for our health. If you are not the fan of fruits and green veggies, you may extract healthy juices and consume on a regular basis. Whether it is a vegetable juice the or fruit juice, juices are loaded with nutritional benefits. These days, people have started juicing almost everything from spinach, tomatoes, and carrots to apples and figs. There are a lot many brands selling juicers and so it is difficult to make a choice. Among all kinds of juicers, the pressed juice machine is a really popular one that utilizes hydraulic press in order to extract vegetable and fruit juices. There are various benefits of choosing cold pressed juice above other kinds of juicers like a centrifugal or singular auger. When buying cold the press juicer, you will need to follow certain important tips such as.

Merits of Buying Pressed Juice Machine

The pressed juice machine is also known as masticating juicer that helps in dual stage process for juice extraction and crushes the tiny pieces of veggies and fruits. The juicer just presses the pulp while the pulp passes through the auger’s shaft. Here the juice extraction can be slow and thus the result is less oxidation.

Check the Key Merits of Buying Cold Pressed Juicer:

  • The cold press juicer yields more juice or produces more juice.
  • When compared to the centrifugal juicer, the cold press juicer retains more nutrients in the juice.
  • There is no production of heat in the process of extraction with pressed juice machine. So, the nutrients stay intact.
  • As the oxidation process is pretty slower here, the fruits and veggies are exposed to minimum air.
  • The Juice produced by using the pressed juice machine has more shelf life. The juice can be kept in the refrigerator for even 21 days.
  • The juice extracted from the cold press is highly nutritive. Here the trace minerals, vitamins and sugar are extracted very gently.
  • As the juice from the cold press is rich, it is easy for the body to absorb the nutrients, proteins, enzymes.

Tips to Buying Pressed Juice Machine

#1. When you plan to buy a pressed juice machine, you need to consider the design, the color and the size of the juicer. If the space in your kitchen is quite limited, you can go for the compact juicer design

#2. When buying the juicer, you will need to seriously consider its pulp yield. Well, the pulp yield of a cold press is already high when compared to other kinds of juicers. So, the taste of the juice is much enhanced here.

#3. Have a look at the pulp ejection component of the juicer. You may either go for internal pulp ejection facility or an internal one. Both of these will have their own benefits. When the internal pulp ejection facility is convenient and suitable for juice extraction, the external ejection facility saves you from the hassle of opening the machine and cleaning the basket

#4. Check out the motor power of the juicer. You will need to consider the kind of juice you want to extract. A powerful juicer is needed if you want to extract the juice of green and leafy veggies. Depending on your needs, the quantity of juice to be extracted, you can buy the juicer.

If you want the pressed juice machine to produce less noise, you should buy the specific one that suits your requirements. The pricing of the pressed juice machine, the heat it produces and the speed at which it extracts the juice needs to be considered. If you have an increased budget, buy a branded machine to get years of service.

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