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virtual conference
By ALYSSA JOSHUA 898 views

Top 4 Virtual Conference Platforms – A comparison

Are you planning to host a virtual conference? The availability of multiple virtual event platforms in the market can make it difficult to choose one. Don’t worry! In this article, we will present you with a comparison of the top 4 online conference platforms. 


Dreamcast is the only virtual conference platform that is 100% customizable. This platform helps turn your imagination into reality. Simply stated, you can customize every aspect of your virtual event from the scratch with Dreamcast. You just need to tell your requirements and Dreamcast will make sure, a similar experience is created for your attendees. This platform comes with 3D animation and 360-degree overviews. For instance, if you are hosting a product launch event, your audience can get a closer and 360-degree view of the product and even the venue, etc. These features allow the attendees to get a physical-like experience that is more immersive and engaging. This platform focuses on creating real-like event experiences and making sure that the attendees do not miss the experience of attending a physical event. main Let us discuss the main features of the Dreamcast virtual AGM platform –

AI Matchmaking – AI matchmaking is an innovative tool that uses artificial intelligence to determine the interests and goals of the attendees. Based on this information, it matches identifies the people that each attendee might like to meet during the event. It provides them with recommendations about the best matches based on their shared goals and interests. 

Virtual Photobooth – One of the most important things that the attendees miss in a virtual event is photos. A virtual photo booth is a great idea to solve this problem. It allows the attendees to take pictures with other attendees and even change the background to select the location where they want to take the snap. Therefore, it creates a better and more immersive event experience. 

Networking Tables – Networking tables are a great feature to boost communication among the attendees and the organizers. Dreamcast virtual conference platform allows you to set up multiple networking tables during the event. These networking tables can accommodate different groups of people to have discussions on their common areas of interest. Therefore, networking tables can be very beneficial for you to promote networking within the event. 

Gamification – While it might sound weird, gamifying your virtual conference is a great idea to keep your attendees engaged. Dreamcast allows you to customize the type of games you want to add to your virtual event. You can add the games of your choice and provide your attendees with a fun way to engage with each other. 

Dynamic Banners – Dynamic banners allow you to present multiple sponsors simultaneously. You can also use them to present gifs, videos, presentations, etc. These banners are a great way to increase the brand visibility of your sponsors and thereby, increase sponsorship opportunities. 

24×7 Support – The platform provides 24×7 support to the organizers. It provides live event support and helps troubleshoot any problems that might arise. This further helps decrease attendee drop-off rates. 

Security – The platform understands the importance of the safety and privacy of sensitive information. It provides advanced security features. It also allows you to control and keep a check on who can attend the event. 


Accelevents is a virtual conference platform that facilitates the hosting of virtual and hybrid events. It has an easy-to-use interface and is affordable. While it has networking and engagement features like live chat, Q&A sessions, and customization, it does not provide advanced features like AI matchmaking, 24×7 support, advanced security, and data analytics features. This is a good platform for small and mid-size companies to host small-scale events, as it is affordable. 

  • Event Customization – It allows you to customize some aspects of your event. For instance, the exhibitors can customize their booths during a virtual exhibition. You can also add your images and videos to the banners.
  • Booking and registration – It provides support for the booking and registration of the attendees. The platform has an automation feature that helps automate many tasks like attendee booking, registration, and onboarding. 
  • 1:1 networking – It has a live chat feature that allows the attendees to engage with each other in private as well as group chats. They can even do audio/video calls. 
  • Monetization and Gamification – This platform provides you with the option to monetize the event and add games of your choice. 
  • Real-time data analytics and security – Accelevents virtual conference platform allows you to track attendee and event data in real-time. 
  • Third-party integration – It also allows the integration of third-party apps with its virtual event platform. 


Hopin is another popular virtual AGM platform that can host virtual and hybrid events of different types. It has good engagement and networking features like live chat, live polls, emoticons, branded walkthroughs, networking tables, and Q&A sessions. Let us look at its major offerings. 

  • It is easy to use – This platform is fairly simple to use and navigate. The platform is user-friendly and provides the attendees with good engagement features. 
  • Live chats – The platform provides a live chat feature that allows the attendees to communicate with others during the event. They can either engage in group or private chats. 
  • Quizzes and Q&A sessions – Q&A sessions allow the attendees to engage in questions and answers with the organizers. 
  • Helps build an attractive landing page – Hopin provides event promotion support and increases brand visibility using dynamic banners. 
  • 24×7 support – Hopin provides 24×7 event support and helps solve all the problems that arise. 


Hubilo is a virtual conference platform that supports hybrid and virtual events of all types. It is built with the objective of boosting engagement. Moreover, it provides live event support. It is a good platform for hosting small scale events where advanced features like AI matchmaking and security Let us look at what it has to offer – 

  • Live event Support – It provides live event support to provide a smooth and seamless experience to the attendees. 
  • Strong Engagement Features – It provides you with strong engagement features like social walls, Q&A sessions, virtual photo booths, and emoticons.
  • Integrations – It allows external app integrations making it a flexible virtual event platform. 
  • Data Analytics – It has advanced features of data analysis and helps track live event data. It also provides well-curated reports about the event engagement. 

Final Words

Hope this article helped you understand the major features of the top 4 virtual conference platforms and when can they be used. 

Alyssa Joshua