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Smartphone Features That May Disappear Soon
By ARUP SAMANTA 1,873 views

Top 6 Smartphone Features That May Disappear Soon

Smartphone Features That May Disappear Soon:  In the 2000s, Nokia’s Symbian platform, Blackberry, Motorola & Windows mobiles succeed to bring the market of mobile phones. New technologies add many advanced features to Smartphones. We can shot pictures, record videos, surf the internet and perform many other things. And finally, we have reached in the era of Smartphones.

Smartphones are developing very quickly between these few years. For innovation and different look, Smartphone Companies have added some trends & advanced features. It seems that while some features are the trend, the others cease to disappear very soon. There are some features that may disappear in the upcoming years.  So, Have a look at 6 such features-

Here Is The List of 6 Smartphone Features That Disappear Soon:

Fingerprint scanners:

Some years ago Fingerprint scanner was a trend. But this feature may disappear in the upcoming years. We already see this. Apple does not include a fingerprint scanner in iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. They only include the face locker in their Smartphones. Android companies also do the same. Vivo, Oppo, OnePlus & Samsung detached Fingerprint scanner & included an under fingerprint scanner.

Headphone jack:

The traditional 3.5 mm jack is already ditched by the top-end Smartphone companies. Apple removed traditional 3.5mm jack in their iPhone 7 a long time ago. Then this concept is followed by many top android companies. OnePlus removes 3.5 mm jack in their OnePlus 6T. The companies said that this is the time of wireless and removing the 3.5mm jack will help in integrating new technologies.

SIM card slots:

eSIM cards are now in trending and it will ditch the physical SIM completely.  Apple already provided dual SIMs through eSIM in its latest iPhones XS & XR. Likely Android Smartphone brands also jump on this trend. There are 15 telecom companies worldwide that support eSIM. But in India only Reliance Jio & Airtel support eSIM. So, it is sure that the brand should remove the physical SIM in the upcoming years.

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MicroSD card slots might disappear completely:

It is seen that big Smartphone company ditch the MicroSD card completely. Apple never uses a MicroSD card for security reasons. It is a known fact that MicroSD card affects the performance of the Smartphone. And this Smartphone brands providing internal storage as high as 512 GB. So, there is a huge chance that MicroSD card will disappear in the future.

The Traditional Mobile Charger:

Wireless charging currently gains its popularity in the Smartphone market. The big Smartphone companies like Apple & Samsung both are focused to use wireless charging in the future. Trends are usually coming from the big names. In the future, it will be possible that we don’t carry any charger gadgets and depend on public wireless pads. So, there is a good chance that mobile chargers and adapters may disappear in the future.

Single-lens Rear Camera:

Smartphone brands are completely focused on putting multiple cameras in the back. Apple, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Mi, and others are launched their smartphones with dual cameras. Among them, Samsung uses triple & quad cameras in its smartphones. As a matter of fact that the price of the dual cameras smartphones is as same as the price of single camera smartphones. So, in the future, the company should ditch the single lens camera.

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So, these are the 6 smartphone features that may disappear Soon. By using the above innovation technologies, Smartphones become more advanced. Of course, we don’t know when these technologies are used completely. I believe that we will see a complete evolution of the smartphone in the upcoming years.

Arup Samanta

He is a Tech Blogger & founder of Techy Feast. He is a curious person by nature. He constantly doing research on nearly every topic under technology.