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It is a common fact that our yearly earnings reach up to 2 million pounds when you work for at least 40 years. Of course, the figure varies per your profession. Investment creates a secure financial plan, not just for you but also for your immediate family. It also increases your income and beats inflation.

There are more than a million business owners in London with an intend to venture outside the city. For most retirees, setting up a business boosts their health. ( It reduces the risk of depression during retiral).

The location of the business is just as important as your services. If wrongly executed, you may end up incurring losses just because of the environment. 

Did you know that 78% of the UK’s fastest-growing ventures are outside London? You may consult a financial expert, although it all weighs down to your preferred choice. 

What is your area of Interest? What about your expectations for the business? The article provides a guideline that will help you make a better decision. You can also visit and check out London commuter towns to see if you can make a killing there when it comes to investing.

Consider these Factors

A suitable investment should yield up to 7% ROI. Depending on its size, it should have at least three to ten employers. Note that the capital also varies, so you should aim to invest at least 15% of your total income. There should be an emergency fund to leverage you in dire times. 

It is vital to have a figure breakdown with future projections. Based on the analysis, you can decide your future step. To choose a suitable environment, examine the following factors. 


More than 100,000 businesses get started every day, but only 25% of these new businesses live to more than 15 years. The location of your business represents your immediate customers. Theoretically, a bad neighborhood will bring you financial losses and vice-versa.

Check on its market valuation. You may include a survey (whether via physical interviews or online forms) to get accurate information. Some of the red signs to note are: 

  • Bad Reviews 

If you hear a lot of negative reviews about the place, stay away. Yet, how many referrals is enough to deduce the data? Go deep in your investigations and inquire from experts.

Check on any past calamity that may have occurred in the area. It may influence its value.

  • Plummeting Graph

During the first months of operations, analyze the sales graph in the area. Create a reasonable plan to help you meet your goals. If you find yourself constantly failing, then it’s time to relocate.


  • No Competition

Competition proves that there is an active market. Stay away from a place if it does not have any rivalry. See this link to read more on the factors you need to look for when trying to find the perfect spot to invest.

Growth Potential 

A suitable location will boost your investment value. Check out for education systems, economic institutions, or the population in it. For instance, a residence with a smaller population and stable education system may attract a large population shortly, making it more valuable then. 

In the UK digital tech sector, 68% of the business comes from places outside the city. 


Check out the crime rate of the target area for the last couple of years. You may perform regular checkups on your investment if you are far away. In the scenario, you cannot reach it, hire a manager. To maintain risks, try to diversify your portfolio. 

Be keen to refer to the law surrounding the area, especially on tax regulations. The last thing you want to experience is a faulty relationship with the government. Keep your legal advisor close before the funding. 

Statistical data 

Aim for an area with minimal expense, yet it brings in high unit sales. Some of the usual outlay include 

  • Office rent
  • Salaries
  • Equipment 
  • And daily maintenance costs 

An accessible transport system such as a nearby airport will also boost your profits. Some areas favor support initiatives such as crowdfunding. Tend to a place with easy access to top talents like university graduates.


You ought to know that funding is risky and can incur losses. Ensure that you have a clear and flexible mind, that you can adapt to any change. In general, your mentality and effort will determine your success. 

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