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big Data Analytics
By NITI SHARMA 3,015 views

The Top Five Jobs in Big Data Analytics

Data Analytics is soon to become an imperative skill for tech ninjas all around the world. To tell the truth, analytics is essential to become a part of the data science realm and frankly saying, who would miss a chance like that? Especially the job market is flooded with opportunities for data scientist since every industry is embracing professionals with data related skills.  Moreover, the flexibility attached to these jobs in this arena makes it enticing for tech geeks looking for a lucrative career path to hop on.

In addition to that, the salaries fetch by big data analytics is unmatchable to any job in the tech domain today. Believe it or not, the earnings of an entry-level big data engineer is going to leave you awe-struck.

The technological world is on a roll when it comes to conceiving marvel, every now and then. The internet that was invented decades ago is showing wonders time after time. By acting as a brace to the masses, it has led to a data gush that is enabling businesses to work at their highest potential. The hottest themes that have taken the business world by storm are Big Data Analytics & Data Science. And, this is a major reason for the job market to boom, especially for tech professionals. There will be over 2,720,000 jobs for data professionals by 2020 in the United States, as revealed by a report from IBM.

Top Skills for Data Analytics jobs

If you aspire to dive into the deep ocean of big data analytics, there is a bunch of skills you have to master to become eligible for a coveted role in this field.

  • SQL -Structured Query Language

Associating yourself with data sources is something that a data analytics job demands you to do.

Having a functional knowledge of this programming language is a prerequisite to capture any position in this dominion. Specifically, if you long to be a big data engineer, there is no way that a hiring manager wouldn’t expect you to have SQL on your fingertips.

  • Data Visualization Skills

Owning the capacity to visualize data and conveying it in a neat and compelling fashion is what recruiters look for.

These two skills are crucial to acquire to contrive a successful career as a big data analytics professional. Understanding and visualizing data along with communicating your insights for the betterment of the company will take a long way in this area of work.

  1. IT Systems Analyst

This job profile belongs to the IT division. A person handling this role has to utilize as well as design systems I order to resolve problems. Only a specialized professional in information technology is trained enough to obtain this position.

  1. Healthcare Data Analyst

The real of healthcare faces many problems which can be solved by these data analysts. They can assist doctors together with scientists in finding answers to complex questions.

  1. Data Scientist

Analysts and scientist work hand I hand for collecting and analyzing data to produce relevant insights in the pursuance of enhancing the performance of a business. They bring their fresh perspectives to the table when business leaders are seeking solutions to an organization’s core problems and make pertinent predictions.

  1. Big Data Engineer

Big Data engineers deal with enormous data sets along with working around infrastructure encircling disparate data analytic procedures. One is expected to earn a data engineer certification to handle this role.

  1. Operations Analyst

Operations analytics are typically a part of the internal procedures of a firm. In most cases, they work as consultants and chiefly associate themselves with managing business operations.

Niti Sharma

Niti Sharma is a professional writer, a blogger who writes for a variety of online publications. She is also an acclaimed blogger outreach expert and content marketer. She loves writing blogs and promoting websites related to the education and technology sectors.