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Build Alpha - Trading

Trading is not something that should be driven by Emotions!

Traders definitely understand the value of market estimation and the right strategy, but no matter how many years you have been in the industry you just can’t say anything for sure. There has to be a logical approach backed with facts and strategies that yields the maximum success rate based on probabilities. People have actually spent years after years just to understand what works better and what doesn’t in the trading industry. It used to be a long process when you would have to work on various strategies manually, test your ideas on the basis of market, time period and exit conditions but not anymore! Build Alpha is the key – a fully automated trading software that can help you to define and execute various trading tactics anytime in no time at all.

These are some common issues that almost every trader faces. Now, of course, you must have realized by now that the trading is not something that should be driven by emotions. You can get lucky a few times, however, for the people who are taking trading as a career or a long-term investment option, there is no way one can merely rely on luck. The overall market is growing exponentially with new opportunities available almost every day, so it definitely demands a long-term and reliable solution. That’s exactly what Build Alpha does – a brainchild of one innovative mind from the trading industry itself. While seeking answers for questions above, one person with long trading experience came up with a brilliant solution to all such roadblocks. Are you intrigued to know more about this unique solution?

Build Alpha - Trading Software

Since we have understood the need and overall benefits of Build Alpha, now the real question arises that how exactly it is going to help me? This automated solution is equipped with an easy to use interface defined as input and output interfaces. You can easily configure your search requirements in the input interface, build a strategy based on the market choice, entry signals, fitness function, and exit conditions. The software database has around 5000+ signals to test against your configured search requirements – which means you can simply click to add or remove various conditions to test and see results for your trading strategies right away.

It will automatically run the numerous strategies based on your requirements and will allow you to pick the best one to actually execute in your trading campaign. It also allows you to pick and compare strategies among different set signals to analyses the changes and impact. The graphical representations of the data make it easier for you to understand the future trends and behaviors of a particular stock and help you to make the key trading decisions with minimal efforts. I will certainly not go deep into the logics, however, if by any chance you are excited to read about all the aspects of it, you can read in detail at the features section on the website.

This is an absolute revolution – the real question, are you ready for the automation in the trading industry? The sooner the better!

David Bergstrom

My name is David Bergstrom, and I am the guy behind the Build Alpha software. I have spent many years researching, building, testing, and implementing market making and trading strategies for a high frequency trading firm, a handful of CTAs, individual clients, registered money managers, and even aspiring retail traders.