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Stephanie Taunton
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How to Train a Puppy NOT to BITE

Canines are always our important part of life. They are the source of love, loyalty, and recreation for us. Children especially get attached to their pets and they share a great bond with them. Dogs especially remain our favorite pet to have in the house. Puppies seriously look like a tiny member of the house so adorable, cute and mischievous every time. The common issue that we all face with our Dogs is their biting habit. If your dog bites, so you need to break this habit without breaking your puppy spirit. There are lots of ways which not only help you to teach your puppy stop biting but also reinforce the positive behavior. Once you train your puppy not to bite, you can have much more fun while playing with him.

  1. React Consistently to Bites

When your dog starts biting you, say ‘No’ loudly in a firm voice and walk away and ignore your puppy. This will pass a message to your canine that this behavior will not be tolerated with you. You can Yelp loudly every time your puppy bites you. It seems a little weird, however, puppies do the same when another puppy bites them hard. This will convey a message to your puppy about what is not acceptable while playing.

Teach your children not to run, scream while playing with the puppy. Direct them to close their hands or keep them close to their body.

Teach Puppy Not To Bite

  1. Try Using taste deterrent to keep your puppy from biting

You can apply some taste deterrent on your hands, clothes or the areas of your body that your puppy loves to play rough out before taking your puppy for playing. There various taste deterrent available like Bitter Apple, Vick Vapor Rub, White Vinegar and tea tree oil.

  1. Use Teething Toys to redirect your puppy from biting

Keep your hands away from your puppy’s mouth. You can use other teething toys to redirect your puppy from biting. Gently talk to him, stroke him and praise him when he stays calm and not bite.

  1. Play Safely with your Dog

It is advisable, not to play roughly with a puppy who bites. Teach your children to stay calm and do not irritate the puppy while playing with him.

Train a Puppy NOT to BITE

  1. Reward Good Behavior

Gently cuddle with your dog and always praise good behavior with lots of love. Whenever your puppy does as per your direction say ‘Yes’ or ‘Good Boy’. Verbal reward plays an important role when your hands are full of toys while playing with your dog.

In some cases, where biting is persistent and strong, you can take the help of a professional trainer. Stephanie Taunton is the founder of Bow Wow productions and gives animal training. To know more about her, visit http://www.bowwowproductions.com/.

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