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By JOE MAILLET 1,658 views

5 Tips for Transitioning your wardrobe from warmer to colder Months

As the weather starts to cool down, some women immediately head to the store to purchase whole new wardrobes but they are in the minority. The majority of people can’t afford to buy a whole new selection of outfits with each season. Instead, they can follow these five tips for transitioning an existing wardrobe from warmer to colder months without having to sacrifice style or comfort. Women may still need to purchase a few key accessories or clothing items to pair with their existing clothing, but holding onto those out-of-season clothes and learning how to transition an existing wardrobe into winter will give them more money to work with.

Embrace Layers

Layering sweaters offer a perfect solution for transitioning to cooler weather, but it truly is an art. The first step should always be to take a realistic assessment of what’s already in the closet.

If there isn’t a cardigan insight, check out fillyflair.com and invest in a few cardigans of varying lengths, colors, and styles. They pair perfectly with almost anything.

When layering cardigans or sweaters, the length is everything. Make sure to choose outer layers that are shorter than inner layers to create some extra visual interest. Combining button-down shirts with open cardigans creates a fun, informal look while pairing open sweaters with tucked-in blouses can create a slightly more formal appearance.

Pair Boots with Tights or Leggings

Winter boots aren’t just warm, they’re also adorable and incredibly versatile. The right pair of high-quality boots can be worn with just about anything, from jeans to semi-formal dresses. Just make sure to cover up with fleece-lined tights or quality leggings.

There are a few options available for women looking for the best winter tights. Synthetic fibre blends are typically more affordable and more durable than natural fabrics like silk or wool. Wool blends fall in a perfect middle ground between warmth, comfort, and affordability.

Women with tons of monochrome dresses or skirts may want to invest in some patterned leggings for exciting nights out on the town. The right leggings can be a great way to express personality and add some visual interest to even otherwise boring outfits. Experiment with different colours, patterns, and textures to find a few that look good with last season’s clothes.

Most women who adopt this style strategy wear high-heeled or heelless boots, not flats. Fall and winter boots offer a little extra warmth since they extend past the ankles and often feature fur trim and insulation. Plus, the right boots will look good with a much wider variety of outfits, ranging from semi-formal to casual wear.

Add Some Leather

Unless they’re vegan, most women will find that leather vests, jackets, skirts, or boots make perfect pieces for transitioning their wardrobes into the colder months. Leather clothing is warm but not bulky, durable, and it never goes out of style.

Keep in mind that leather pairs best with light, soft fabrics. A high-quality leather jacket will look great with almost any cotton dress. Some leather-obsessed fashionistas even go so far as to invest in leather leggings to pair with lighter skirts, creating a truly unique appearance and ensuring that their legs won’t be cold even in the dead of winter.

Love the look of leather but don’t like the idea of wearing animal products? Find jackets and accessories made from vegan leather, a material manufactured using plastic or natural materials and designed to mimic the look and texture of the real thing with zero animal cruelty involved. Vegan leather products can be worn and styled in all the same ways as animal leather, although they may or may not be as warm.

Hold Onto Sleeveless Tops and Dresses

As the temperature drops, a lot of women start sorting through their sleeveless shirts and dresses from summer, packing some up for spring and donating the rest to the local thrift store. That’s a huge mistake. Sleeveless tops and dresses are much more versatile than most people think.

For one thing, they look great under heavy sweaters. They’ll still come in handy on evenings out, too, so don’t be afraid to rock bare shoulders in a hot club or other warmer indoor environment.

Want to go for a more original look? Mimic the appearance of mixed-media dresses by pairing a sleeveless dress with a button-down top tied around the waist. If necessary, wear an open cardigan over it for extra warmth on long walks outside, and pair short-skirted dresses with whimsical tights or warm leggings and boots.

The one exception to the rule when it comes to summer tops and dresses in floral prints. Floral print dresses and tops just don’t tend to vibe with fall and winter clothes, so consider packing them away carefully for next spring. Make sure to wash or dry clean clothes before packing them and consider investing in some transparent containers or vacuum-sealed storage bags to make sure they don’t fall prey to pests while they’re stored away.

Scarves Are a Girl’s Best Friend

A simple scarf can dramatically improve just about any outfit. Plus, they offer an extra layer of protection against the cold, allowing women to extend their fall wardrobes well into winter. Sheer scarves work great for fall, while heavier blanket scarves are a perfect addition to any winter outfit.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with scarves. Buy a few of them in different colors and patterns to match different outfits, and try wearing them loose or like shawls on a warmer day.

Since scarves are relatively small and light and they’re always stylish, there’s no reason to worry about whether it will be cold enough to justify them. From fall to early spring, it’s always the right time to wear a scarf.

The Bottom Line

Reworking a summer or fall wardrobe for the coldest months of winter doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. There’s no need to pack up last season’s clothes and purchase entirely new wardrobes. Instead, embrace layering, buy a few keys, high-quality pieces, and find creative ways to use clothing to express personality year-round for less.

Joe Maillet

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