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trauma scene cleanup
By ASHLY WILLIAM 1,938 views

Types of Trauma Scene Cleanup Services in Phoenix

After a traumatic event, cleaning up the scene is usually little more than an afterthought for the people and property owners affected. Aside from the shock of the event itself, you might be faced with a huge number of decisions you have to make, all in a very short period.

It is important to start the cleaning process as soon as possible when it comes to trauma scene cleanup. Contaminated materials can expose you to chemicals, viruses, and other harmful substances. These biological materials can cause sickness and structural damage when left untreated.

For instance, viruses like hepatitis B can live outside of the body for well over one week. When bodily fluids are present at the scene, the only way to prevent diseases from spreading is with professional cleaning.

Not all trauma scenes are the same, though. When looking for the type of trusted trauma cleanup Phoenix can provide, you need to fully understand your options.

This article will address various kinds of trauma scenes, what decontamination protocols they may require, and how a skilled trauma scene cleanup professional will approach the problem.

Trauma Crime Scene Cleanup

When people think of trauma, crime scene cleanup is usually the first thing that comes to mind. Trauma crime scene cleanup is necessary when someone has been injured or killed in the course of an assault, homicide, or another felony.

Violent crimes usually contaminate the area with blood and other bodily fluids. In the case of homicide, the contamination can be extensive.

Other crime scenes can also benefit from a professional cleaning. Investigation tools like fingerprint dust leave behind residue, which can be hard to eliminate. A crime scene may also involve drugs like fentanyl or meth, both of which are highly dangerous. These substances require professional training and tools to clean up correctly.

A team with experience in professional trauma crime scene cleanup will work with first responders and law enforcement to coordinate cleaning for trauma scenes. Cleanup crews will wait to begin their work until investigators approve the site for decontamination so that potential evidence is not disturbed.

Suicide Cleanup

Suicide is always tragic. Sadly in Arizona, it is one of the leading causes of death. Self-inflicted harm is extremely traumatic for friends and family, especially anyone who finds or sees the body. Unfortunately, one of the things the family will often have to take care of is cleaning up the incident scene.

Trauma scene cleanup specialists have experience in handling suicide cases. The contamination caused by a suicide depends on several factors, including:

Method: Some methods of suicide produce large amounts of blood or other bodily fluids, while others may not cause as much external damage.

Time: If the victim’s body is not discovered quickly, the body may begin to decompose. Decomposition can cause extensive damage to the area, making cleanup much more difficult.

Environmental Factors: Temperature, humidity, and season can affect how quickly the body may decompose. Cooler, drier temperatures may slow the process, while warmer, moist environments may speed up decay.

No matter how extensive the cleanup job is, a professional trauma scene cleanup crew should treat the survivors with empathy and respect. By working quickly and efficiently to get the area decontaminated, friends and family can begin the recovery process sooner.

Workplace Accident Cleanup

Accidents happen in the workplace every day. Some are relatively minor, but others can cause serious harm to individuals, even leading to fatalities. When these more serious accidents occur, you may need the services of a trauma scene cleanup professional.

There are two common kinds of workplace accidents that require professional cleaning. The first is an injury caused by intense forces, like falling objects or high-powered machinery.

When these events happen, a large volume of blood or bodily fluids may contaminate an area, even if the injury is not fatal. These fluids need to be professionally cleaned as quickly as possible to limit any exposure to bloodborne disease and allow regular work to resume.

Another common accident type relates to spilled chemicals. In some facilities, employees may work around dangerous chemicals. Chemicals can harm individuals directly or react with other substances to create toxic environments. For example, a mixture of chlorine and ammonia can quickly become lethal.

When chemical contamination occurs, clear any personnel from the area as quickly as possible and contact a professional cleaner to help.

Sometimes, spills are related to other incidents, like storm damage. Some trauma scene cleanup companies offer additional services, like water remediation. These companies will not only clean up the debris and any contamination resulting from the damage, but they can also restore the property to its previous state.

If you need trauma scene cleanup services in Phoenix to restore your property safe after a spill, crime, or fatality, request rapid response service from R2 Fire and Water.

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