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Greetings from Seoul, South Korea, its Myriam here. Walking the streets of Seoul for some shopping with its simple and logical transport system is easy, even for anyone that doesn’t speak the language.

The Transport system is one of the most efficient and people friendly ways of travel I have ever used. In Seoul there are many boutique shops ranging from the local backstreet traders to the super high end Chanel and Armani megastores. Seoul is the Mecca of shopping and all just a train or bus stop away from another shopping area paradise.


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The weather does play a part depending of the season. Winters can be whipping in ice cold winds through the streets where you will be running to warm up over some spicy local soups or indulging in some fine coffee the countless cafes scattered virtually everywhere. To the rainy summer season where in the space of seconds you can be drenched from head to toe in a sudden unexpected downpour.

But don’t let that stop you from your shopping extravaganza. Seoul has an unexpected surprise lurking just metres beneath your feet. Below the streets of Seoul there is a criss cross of subway lines that link the city together in a grid. As you descend down below the street you encounter another smorgasbord of shopping delights. Down here the weather is not an issue and the choices from styles and quality are limitless. Goto Mall and Famile Station is a must stop if you’re after womens fashion/. Gangnam station where you will find electronics, cosmetics and fashion of the highest quality. As a must, stop by the Starfield Coex Mall, to experience shopping amongst aquariums, casino, duty free shopping, movie theatres, and more..

I thought that it will make a nice 3 day stopover on my way to Italy but that wasn’t enough, I can easily spend 2 weeks here exploring, shopping, and getting a feel for the culture and more. Oh, and for those that are thinking about or are doing the laptop lifestyle of mixing work, travel and fun, the wifi here is super-fast. Fantastic for those who make calls on line and need to use the internet on the go?

I hope you have enjoyed the Myriam Borg Review on Shopping in Seoul. Look forward to catching up with you on the next Review. Bye for now.

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