cannabis addiction

Taking pills that contain the extract of cannabis for the treatment of cannabis addiction may sound like a paradox.

However, it is indeed one of the medical ways to combat cannabis addiction.

The first test conducted on this idea discovered that people that take the extract of cannabidiol almost halved the quantity of cannabis they smoked.

It is true that cannabis is popularly perceived as a soft drug. However, one out of ten users become addicted. They begin to experience symptoms of withdrawal such as insomnia and anxiety when they attempt to stop. Over the past decade, there has been a constant rise in the number of people who need treatment for CBD addiction. An expert at University College London stated that this rise is linked with “skunk” which is a more potent form of cannabidiol.

THC and CBD are the two major psychoactive substances in cannabis. THC is the compound that causes the euphoric high effect of cannabinoids. The effect of CBD on users is that it makes them calmer while the effect of THC is anxiety. Another expert also stated that the toxic effects caused by THC are annulled by CBD.

A trial was conducted by her team. In this trial, users went through a four-week program. The aim was to help users quit smoking cannabis by treating the withdrawal symptoms using CBD. In this trial, 82 users were classified as severely addicted. They were divided into three groups and were administered a placebo or a different dosage of CBD. They also went received psychological support. Learn more about this from the Berkshire CBD website

The lowest dose had no effect. One of the experts said that the dosage that worked best was the middle one of 400 milligrams. The intake of cannabis by the second category of users was halved when compared with the people that had a placebo given to them. This conclusion was drawn from a THC test that was conducted on their urine.

There was a slight drop in the effect of the highest dose that contained 800 milligrams compared to the middle dose. The people that took the 400 milligrams dose, had no trace of THC in their urine after eight weeks. The expert did not hide her feelings as she stated that their findings were truly remarkable.

Another study that was previously conducted discovered that Sativex (an extract of cannabis that contains both THC and CBD) can also help users quit cannabis smoking. This study was based on a similar principle of stopping smoking through the use of nicotine.

However, an expert from the University of Sydney that was involved in the study stated that there are other advantages when people use CBD alone. He also stated that CBD possesses several anti-addictive properties.

The expert and his team are currently investigating how to treat alcohol addiction using CBD.

CBD supplements are currently sold in most health food stores and pharmacies as a cure for several categories of illnesses. However, these supplements contain lower doses than those that were administered by the experts.

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