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By ZHANGMINGUAN 2,147 views

Treatments to Fix Teeth Gap

Are you embarrassed by your gap teeth? Gaps in the teeth can be a result of unusual undersized teeth, missing teeth or old habits like a tongue-thrust that have put pressure on the teeth. The good news is there are dental treatments for fixing gaps in the teeth. Here, Dr. Zhang Minguan, a renowned dental surgeon provides ways to treat these teeth conditions, restore your beautiful smile back and promote healthy teeth. 

“Gap teeth are most common in kids and it usually closes at the age of 8 or 9. If after the adult canine has been developed and gap teeth are still present, it might not close on its own anymore,” Dr. Zhang Minguan. “Treatment depends on the causes of the gap teeth, the size, and the location. Treatment may not be significant and can be something as simple as braces or composite bonding or something that requires more work like dental implants in case of missing teeth,”  Zhang Minguan adds. 


One of the best ways to close spacing is with braces. Orthodontic braces bring the teeth together over time, while the spaces disappear. It can also be used to straighten any crooked teeth in the mouth. When it comes to braces, there are different effective options which include hidden braces, ceramic braces, clear aligners and many more. Therefore, there is always something for your needs and budget. One downside is that treatment can take months depending on the condition of the gaps. Plus, you might experience discomfort in wearing them.  

Dental bonding

This is one of the quickest, easiest, and budget-friendly ways of closing the gap in your teeth. It involves the application of coloured resins to the side of the teeth to fill up space which is then hardened by a light source for a polished, natural-looking tooth. One plus for this treatment is that it doesn’t require multiple dental visits as you can get it done within a day. However, the resin isn’t as durable as the natural teeth and is prone to chipping or breaking if not properly maintained. Hence, it might need replacement after some years. 


Veneers are effective in correcting multiple dental problems at once. Gap teeth, odd teeth size, discoloration, chipped, broken teeth, veneers are like thin contact lenses that serve as a cover for the teeth helping to hide all the flaws. Veneers are directly bonded to the teeth permanently and can help close teeth spacing in a timely manner. Moreover, it is an excellent option for a teeth makeover. You do not only close the gap, but you also enjoy brighter, whiter teeth and smiles. However, they are permanent and once you have them installed, they are there for good to provide the support and protection that your enamel once provided. 

Dental implants

If the gap teeth are a result of missing teeth or the gaps are too big, you can go for a dental implant. For this, an artificial enamel tooth is inserted into the gum to match the rest of the natural set of teeth. Implants are used with crowns and bridges which serve as a false tooth that is held firmly by metal screws into the jawbone. Once it is complete, you are left with a functional, natural, good-looking smile. 

Gum treatment 

Are your gap teeth a result of gum disease? Then you are in for some work. Gum treatment entails a series of medical work to get the diseases removed depending on the severity of the condition. First, the underlying infections need to be identified and treated. Then, the above-mentioned treatment can be administered to close the spacing. 


These options provided by Dr. Zhang Minguan will provide a long-lasting effective solutions. If, however, the gaps in teeth occur as a result of gum diseases and habits, practicing good oral hygiene is also important for optimum, teeth health. 


Dr. Zhang Minguan has been in private practice since 2000 at 1010D, 10th Floor, Phase 1, Argyle Street Centre, 688 Nathan Road, Mong Kok. His dental practice is called Wong & Zhang Dental & Implant Practice.