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Millions of people are using automobiles every day for different purposes. Some are not even bothered about the mechanisms of the vehicles; they are so strongly dependent on. This makes them more prone to believing whatever they hear. And so, they spread the same news without even trying to find out the truth in them. Such ignorance is the root of all the wrong information about cars and especially tyres, in our surrounding sphere.

If you are eager to know the truth behind all of it and separate them from the rumours then this is the place to be. Let us know the reality behind the myths about tyres online Birmingham and enjoy the best tyre performance too.

 Myths and Reality

  • Can Too Much Tyre Pressure Lead to a Blowout ?

A lot of people have a very wrong idea about the air pressure of tyres. Yes, it is true that there is a limit settled by the manufacturers which need to be followed at all times. It is the right way to get the optimum performance out of your car tyres just as for any other automobile. But it is wrong to think that more air pressure may be responsible for bursting a tyre. New tyres Kingswinford are quite tough and strong which makes it almost impossible to burst.

But it does not mean that excessive tyre pressure has absolutely no effect on the ride or the tyres. There is a reason why one is asked to check tyre pressure and be cautious of the tyre inflation. Both over-and-under inflations is detrimental for tyre health. Overinflation shall make the tyres prone to serious damage when it hits a pothole. Underinflation can cause the sidewall of the tyre to touch the ground and lead to fast wearing. Maintenance of proper tyre inflation helps the tyre to last longer than expected.

  • Should new Tyres be Fitted in the Front Always?

There is no hard and fast rule about new tyres to be fitted in the front always. It cannot be true that only front tyres need to be new and proper whereas rear tyres can be spoiled and improper. In the case of car tyres, all the four tyres are equally important which is why it is suggested to replace all the tyres together.

But yes, it is true that front tyres are more at fine work like cornering and braking which needs more of grip and traction capacity than the rear ones. Every automobile user needs to remember that ignoring damaged tyres can be extremely risky. Either immediate fixing is needed or replacement shall be considered.

  •  Is Tyre Rotation Not That Important for All Cars?

One of the most common misconceptions is that tyre rotation is something optional and not necessary for all vehicles. But that is one of the most digressing myths. Tyre rotation is considered mandatory for tyre maintenance since it can actually even out the wearing of the tyres. Tyre rotation lengthens the tyre life successfully and gives rise to less tyre trouble when in use.

  • CanSpare Tyres be Used like the Regular Tyres?

It is important to get rid of this idea that spare tyres can be used as a replacement for regular tyres. Spare tyres are for a tyre emergency situation and should be replaced as soon as the emergency is over. Spare ones are designed for temporary use hence they lack the toughness of the regular ones. Anyone using a spare for too long shall face serious consequences after some time.

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