Tungsten Ring

The trend in the wedding band material has changed. Instead of traditional old and silver material made wedding rings, people are now looking for something new, durable and stylish. This is the reason behind the growing popularity of tungsten ring. The ring offers all the features what both women and men are looking for, a stylish look, and a perfect alternative to the traditional ring, durable that gold and silver and unique.

If you are in search of the best wedding ring, why don’t you tray the men’s carbon fiber tungsten ring which can be easily found in the market? It is said that the rings have some properties which make them perfect for representing the relation or the union of the couple. Its permanent shine and durability feature will never fail to impress you.


Things that you should know about the amazing tungsten rings

  • There is no doubt that titanium wedding bands for men are also a good option. If compared, you will find tungsten rings have a perfect level of hardness. As per the Mohs hardness scale, it comes under 8 to 9. The hardness of diamond is 10.
  • Tungsten rings are around 8 to 10 times tougher than the pure 18k gold ring and around four times tougher than the titanium rings.
  • As the rings are super durable, they can hold their original shape for a long period.
  • It will never harm the people who are wearing it. If you face any emergency, it can be removed by knocking its sides with a hammer.
  • Another important quality of the tungsten ring is its amazing polished sheen. Most of the other polished rings such as titanium, gold or platinum may not be able to keep the sheen with the time. But the men’s carbon fiber tungsten ring can offer you a permanent, polished look. Tungsten is the only material that always maintains its original look and shine. With just a little care and maintenance you can use it for years. This makes it an affordable wedding ring.

Choosing the perfect tungsten rings

If you are looking for a ring which is affordable and versatile, then tungsten ring will be the best option for you. It is quite affordable and remains polished forever. The affordability and unique quality of the ring have made it quite popular. But how to choose the perfect ring for your wedding? This is quite simple. All you need to follow some simple tips.

  • There are two things that you should always consider while buying the tungsten ring. You need to check the cobalt-binder alloy level in the ring. Remember to ask this thing to the jeweler. The cobalt-binder alloy can cause different skin issues. It can create rashes on the skin. Those who have sensitive skin can face a lot of other skin issues. You need to choose the ring which comes with the nickel-binder alloy. The reason behind this is this metal is hypoallergenic.
  • Another important thing that you need to consider while buying tungsten rings is the carbide compound. It is the carbide compound which increases the hardness of the ring. There are titanium wedding bands for men that come with such a compound. It makes the ring scratch resistance and extremely hard. Ordinary tungsten is good, but tungsten with carbide is much better.

If you are worried about the price, tungsten rings are quite cheaper than other traditional wedding rings. The cost generally depends on the style of the ring. A tungsten ring with a basic design will be a little cheaper than the ring with precious stones and a unique design. Buy one now and make your special event memorable.

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