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Ceramic Tile
By BIREN AGRAWALLA 2,180 views

Types of Ceramic Tiles

Generally Ceramic tiles have been made by man for almost 4000 years. Be it decorative tile work of Persia, mosaics of Spain, the majolica floor tiles of renaissance Italy, the faiences of Antwerp or the tile iconography of Netherlands all remain points of interest ever.

Despite the fact that Ceramic tiles of modern world had humble beginnings as straightforward white or beige shading squares for bathrooms and kitchens, today they come in a wide range of shape, size, colour and outline and have advanced into whatever remains of the home.

What’s more Ceramic tile have a genuine “Green” family as it is made totally from natural, recyclable and biodegradable materials. Being normally waterproof and form/mold safe, artistic tiles enhance indoor air quality and as they require no cleaning are installed quicker.

There are different kinds of ceramic tile products accessible in market that can be utilized as floor tiles, wall tiles or rooftop tiles with actually a great many styles and grades to browse. However in light of the material and properties of earthenware tiles they are separated into couple of general classes:

Vitrified tiles:

These tiles are minimized, scratch and corrosive safe and have better mechanical quality. They are basically replacing stone and marble as flooring because of their stone like qualities, for example, consistent joint and uniform color and texture.

Porcelain tiles:

These versatile tiles accompany a plain, unpleasant, or cleaned complete and can be utilized as a part of insides and are a superb choice for open air conditions as they don’t wear easily under heavy traffic.

Mosaic tiles:

These are small tiles, around .75 inches to 1 inch in estimate mounted on paper sheets or latex work for simple establishment. These tiles can be ceramic, porcelain or glass and are most reasonable on walls, bended surfaces as paintings, in water pools, and low activity floors. They don’t chip effectively and because of various grout joints are slip safe as well.

Glazed tiles:

These non permeable, smooth surface tiles are stain proof, most reasonable for low traffic areas, walls and countertops. The large configuration glazed tiles with satin complete are very mainstream nowadays.

Quarry tiles:

These thick and thick tiles are for the most part utilized as a part of overwhelming business establishments. Their common colour and rugged surface gives them normally recolor safe and slip safe characteristics.

Terracotta tiles:

These handmade assembled or machine made tiles are regularly used as rooftop tiles, they highlight a natural look and remain cool in summers and warm in winters however unglazed Terracotta tiles require a layer of sealer consistently.

Ceramic tiles nowadays have turned into a noteworthy way of lifestyle product and designer tiles have gotten the favor of Bangalore customers.  Today tiles are used all over for interiors, residential as well as business spaces and in fact are considered new fashion statement.

Biren Agrawalla

Biren, an Information Technology engineer, graduated from Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology,Odisha. He has 4 years of work experience in Qlikview at Indian IT services giant Tata Consultancy Services. With big ambitions since his childhood, he has a right attitude and aptitude of making his mark. He is the CEO of Mytyles.

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