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Ceiling fans
By ROSIE WILLIAM 418 views

Types of Fans for Residential Use in India 2024

India is a land of flora and fauna due to the country’s different parts experiencing diverse weather. Let’s consider one, how about the summer season? Sure it helps the land to virescence, but there are times when weather conditions become too extreme. The temp scale has two units; beach-side soothing warmth and blistering hell making your room a solar-powered prison.

To tackle such an extreme and sweltering Indian climate you need a cooling solution. Especially your house, where you spend half of the day. A cooling solution like Electric Fans, is a cost-effective solution for your residential place. So to save you from going round-n-round, we are helping you with a list. The list covers the types of fans for residential use in India. Read along and make the best decision that favors you.

Understanding Fan Performance

Irrespective of the Fan type, its performance highly impacts your decision to select the right one However numerous key factors affect fan performance, they are as follows:

  • Noise Level: A smoother operation of the motor denotes that a fan is efficiently working and will make less noise. This is important as you don’t want your sleep to be disrupted by a fan squeaking just above your head.
  • Airflow: The amount of air a fan circulates is also considered by a few individuals who have large rooms. Generally, the flow is measured in Cubic Feet per Minute.
  • Sweep Diameter: Here you need to look for the diameter of the blade. However it doesn’t mean big-diameter blades are good, there can be certain setbacks too.
  • Energy Consumption: Most importantly, when considering the fan performance, you have to assess the electricity bill it generates.

Popular Types of Fans for Indian Homes

Diverse climates, and diverse culture, so the people of India too like to have diverse options. The same goes for fans too. And we are going to understand those different types through numerous aspects. So you can make an informed decision to pick the right electric fan for you.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans are widely popular among Indian households. The reason is they are highly energy efficient and their maintenance is low-cost. Other than these two primary benefits certain features make them the first choice for Indian buyers.

  1. Versatility: The amazing thing about ceiling fans is that they can be used in all your rooms of the house. They can be installed in the living room, dining area, balconies, and porches too.
  2. Lighting and Remote Control: Nowadays innovation is brimming with feature-rich offers. Many brands offer light embedded at the center of the fan. Another feature is the remote control setup, which offers flexibility and convenience.
  3. Quiet Operations: A ceiling fan needs to have silent operations as they are typically installed in bedrooms and living areas where people crave peace and comfort. The responsibility of such a feature falls upon domestic fan manufacturers, they are said to follow specific industry standards too.

TPW Fans

Table Wall Fans or Pedestal fans are highly versatile and flexible air-circulating solutions. Most prominently used for commercial buildings and rarely in residential settings. They come with different settings, a jet motor powered to cool the space and sweep air quickly. Lastly, they also come with holders or stands to fix them at their temporary place.

  • Reliability: Domestic fan manufacturers make sure to design TPW fans in such a way that they offer lasting value. A consistent air flow is necessary for every space hence their mechanical designs are made to avoid major malfunctions and breakdowns.
  • Energy Efficiency: The motors are engineered specifically to produce a large amount of airflow. Yet, the energy consumption is quite low compared to other fan types. Their aerodynamic blades, fan settings, and finely tuned motors all add up to its ability to deliver amazing efficiency.
  • Durable Body: Generally TPW fans are made to withstand harsh environments. Also they are supposed to be affixed on a wall hence their body is made with highly durable material. Materials that can counter accidental impacts, wear and tear as well as exposure to dust.

Exhaust Fans

Extreme humid environments sometimes make your room excruciating and you look for a proper flow of air. Exhaust fans or ventilation fans are your way to fight that suffocating heat. Generally, they are better at removing bad odor, moisture, and hot air. In Indian residents, they can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and such closed spaces.

 To maintain a healthy and comfortable living environment exhaust fans are installed in Indian residential homes. The initial cost of the fan is quite low but the maintenance is costly as the motor is fine-tuned to perform at a high rotational speed.

Tower Fans

Tower fans are typically used during Indian occasions in the house when there is a mass gathering and proper ventilation is required. The rotor blades and motor are boxed and there are wheels for mobilizing such types of fans.

Despite being a high-speed rotational fan type their primary function is concentrated air flow. But they tend to throw air covering a wide area due to the oscillation feature. Hence providing comfort to people in each corner of the vicinity. Recent innovations have led to an upgrade in tower fans. Now there are features like air purification and ionizers used to promote health and comfort in living with such fans. They are a popular choice for large halls in households and living areas.

Table Fans

Table fans are your typical compact in-size fans used for small-area air flow comfort. They are designed to be highly mobile and have round or square bottoms with proper rubber legs to affix them in a single place. In Indian homes the table fans are used for personal use and on the other hand they offer tremendous advantages such as:

  • Portability
  • Affordability
  • Directional Airflow
  • Multi-Speed settings
  • Clip-on options for a specific place


Hope the list explains how different types of fans can provide comfort to you for different purposes. However, before making a purchase, do focus on energy ratings, brand reputation of domestic fans, and warranty options too. This way you can make the right decision according to the suitability of your residence. Considering all the aspects one can say that—fans are a cost-effective way to enhance comfortable living in these scorching summer heat.

Rosie William

Rosie William is a content and digital marketer at RR Kabel , a leading Wires and Cables Manufacturer Company.