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What are the Types of Guitar for Kids?

Is your kid showing interest in the guitar? Are you planning to buy a guitar for your little one? The guitar is a string musical instrument with six strings that makes sound by plucking or strumming it with a guitar pick or fingers on the strings. It is one of the most versatile and popular instruments in the modern world.  Playing guitar has always been an awesome experience for many kids. To pick the right type of guitar, we asked an experienced teacher and founder of guitar school for kids, Jesse Levine Norristown, to explain the different types and their benefits. 

“The acoustic and electric guitar are the fundamental types of guitar used in all forms of music and choosing between the two is the first step. While both have its advantage and disadvantages, none is better than the other.  You only need to buy depending on the age, size of your kid, and personal preference.” Jesse Levine says.  “Furthermore, while the classical guitar is known for its nylon strings which are comfortable for kids, the acoustic steels string is easy to carry around and perfect to learn slide playing. Although bass guitar varies in size, kids find it more interesting because of its distinct rhythm which boosts their confidence and allows them to be more creative,” he adds. 

Read on as Jesse Levine Norristown takes us through the types of guitar great for kids. 

The electric guitar

An electric guitar is one of the easiest to play as the strings are lighter which is a good alternative for kids. Their body is made from wood and they use electronics pickups to produce a musical sound. Furthermore, they are connected with an electric amplifier which helps provide different kinds of sound with great effect. They are commonly used in rock and pop music 

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  • It is easy to play
  • The volume knob in the amplifier helps control the volume of the guitar therefore, you can play it anytime you want without disturbing others.
  • With the  amplifier, you can produce all kind of sound of your choice 
  • Compare to acoustic guitar, which has a limited musical choice, a wide range of music can be played on an electric guitar ranging from classic to rock music.

Acoustic guitar

With no amplifier needed, they are quite affordable making it an excellent choice for your budget. Although it seems similar to the classical guitar, a closer look at steel-string acoustic guitar reveals the difference. An acoustic guitar has a closed and thinner neck while the space between the strings is smaller compare to a classical guitar. Furthermore, they have their distinct sound which separates them from other guitars.


  • It is affordable
  • Makes you slide play perfectly
  • Simpler and easy to carry around

Bass guitar

Different in appearance with a  longer neck and a scale length. They have a  lower pitch with four strings compare to other guitars and often work with other instruments to form a distinct rhythm. One thing is if you are a bass guitarist, you stand out among others. The reason being that without a bass guitar, the whole band isn’t complete. 


  • Easy to learn
  • It makes you the most important in a jazz band
  • Helps you grow smarter
  • It makes you famous

Classical guitar

They are the most popular type with a wide and flat neck. Their strings are made of nylon which makes it easier for kids to play. Moreso, they are often played with fingers or fingernails which makes it the best guitar for kids as their fingers are still sensitive and might get hurt while playing.


It preserves your fingers

You can play alone and also with others

The sound is great

Improves your confidence

Important guitar accessories needed by kids

Picks: Picks are needed by kids to play more comfortably as their fingers are still fragile and can get bruised while playing which can discourage them.

Strap: For holing the guitar up while playing

Tuner: A very important machine which helps tune the sound of your guitar 

Multiple strings: Make sure you always have a spare string as your guitar strings can cut while playing which can be devastating

Guitar bag: Used for carrying the guitar around and also to protect it from damage

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Jesse Levine Norristown

Founder Jesse Levine of Norristown, Pa established the school in 2019, in tribute to his son Alex Levine. Alex was a developing singer/songwriter and outstanding teacher who was deeply loved by his guitar students and their parents.