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Hoodie Fabrics
By JOHN CARY 448 views

10 Most Popular Types of Hoodie Fabrics – Choose the Good One

Hoodies make the winter season special with their fashionable appearance and warmth. They are a beautiful combination of comfort and style. Many different types of hoodies serve various purposes to make the wearer feel comfortable and fashionable.

Appreciating and admiring the practicality and functionality of hoodies is only possible when they are made of good-quality fabrics. Many fabric materials make hoodies highly beneficial for casual occasions, friendly meetups, and workouts. For instance, cotton is a great material with sweat-absorbent properties. It is skin-friendly and allows good body movement.

There is much more to know about hoodie fabrics, especially for those who want to step into the clothing business world. I have gathered some very useful information on 10 popular types of hoodie materials that can be highly beneficial for you. Read and discover the promising features of these fabric types.

What are the Popular Hoodie Materials?

1. Cotton

Cotton hoodie material

Cotton is an inexpensive organic material that is used in a vast range of clothing products. If you are a fitness lover and prefer working out wearing hoodies, cotton-made hoodies can be ideal for you. Cotton hoodies can absorb sweat and keep the body dry. It is very safe and comfortable to wear, and it prevents skin irritation and discomfort.

Cotton hoodies are good for mild colds. They are usually stylish, depending on the manufacturing skills. The durability is also impressive if cotton is blended with polyester because polyester keeps hoodies from shrinking after washing.

2. Spandex

Spandex hoodie material

Spandex is a synthetic material known for its flexibility. It is usually blended with other natural or synthetic materials to increase the flexibility of hoodies fabric. The texture of this fabric is very soft.

The best qualities of spandex are shape retention and durability since it doesn’t fade or wrinkle. Manufacturers make it more resilient by mixing it with knit fabrics. You can choose spandex for your hoodies since it gives them an outstanding appearance.

3. Wool

Wool hoodie material

Wool is an organic material known for its warmth. If you want to stay warm in extremely cold weather, wool hoodies or sweatshirts are the best for you. They are also decent, fashionable, and practical to wear. Interestingly, wool is breathable, durable, and very soft.

Alpaca wool is the best type of wool since it has hypoallergenic properties to keep you from allergies. Some people are allergic to wool, so alpaca wool is a good option for them.

4. Nylon

Nylon hoodie fabric

Nylon is a synthetic fabric with a glossy appearance. It is resilient, durable, and warm. It is also an amazing choice for winter hoodies. The best thing about nylon is its water resistance, which protects you from getting wet in rain or dew.

Nylon hoodies are amazing in appearance, so you can choose them as your party wear.

5. Rayon

Rayon hoodie material

Rayon comes from natural plants, but it isn’t an organic material. It is an artificial material created using natural means. Rayon is an alternative to silk, linen, wool, and cotton because it looks and feels similar to them. Its texture is very smooth and soft. Moreover, it is very easy to dye rayon.

However, rayon has some disadvantages, such as low resilience, being resistant to wrinkling, and being less durable. Rayon hoodies are good for the gym and sports.

6. French Terry

French terry hoodie fabric

French terry is made of cotton and other materials. The other names of French terry are terry cloth and terry toweling. French terry is good for winter hoodies due to its good warmth, thickness, and breathability.

This fabric absorbs water and has a resilient nature. If you are into sports, French Terry is a good option since it is very suitable for sports hoodies.

Mixing French terry with other materials can give this fabric various properties. For example, cotton-french terry makes hoodies comfortable. Polyester-french terry hoodies are durable and stable but less comfortable.

7. Polyester

Polyester hoodie fabric

Polyester is a synthetic material that is a very popular material for sports and fitness apparel. It is used to make it very durable, resilient, and wrinkle-resistant. Manufacturers blend polyester with cotton, wool, and silk to enhance its properties because 100% polyester can make hoodies pill easily.

Moreover, blending polyester and spandex can give hoodies high flexibility and durability. Cotton-polyester hoodies are inexpensive and prone to shrinking.

8. Jersey

Jersey  fabric

Jersey is a knit-type material made from cotton, wool, or polyester. It is one of the most popular types of materials for hoodies because it makes them soft, durable, breathable, lightweight, and smooth.

The best thing about jerseys is their inexpensive cost and common use in activewear and sportswear products.

9. Fleece

Fleece fabric

Fleece is a common and well-known fabric for winter hoodies. The material is warm and is used to make very stylish sports and fitness clothing. The structure of fleece features small air pockets to trap body heat inside during cold weather. The durability is also good, as this fabric doesn’t pill. Also, it is very resilient. The manufacturing of fleece is very complex, which is why its cost is higher.

10. Corduroy

Corduroy  fabric

Corduroy fabric is highly durable and has a ridged pattern woven in various widths. It can be made from any of the common or major textiles. For example, using spandex with corduroy will make the hoodie very comfortable.

The hoodies made with corduroy fabric are breathable, warm, soft, water-resistant, and thick, making them suitable for cold weather. Lastly, the fabric is not costly.

How Do You Choose the Perfect Hoodie Material?

Choosing the hoodie materials requires a great deal of attention because every person or brand has different needs and preferences. I have listed some important factors that resonate with the properties of the fabrics suitable for hoodies. Read the factors to decide which hoodie materials would be perfect for you.


The durability of a fabric is very important, especially if you are choosing a hoodie for your fitness routines or sports. For example, polyester hoodies are very durable as they can withstand rough wear and tear.


Always choose a breathable fabric if you like to work out or are a fan of mild, cold weather. Cotton is a popular choice due to its good breathability. A breathable fabric would keep you dry during exercise.

Shape Retention

Some fabrics, like spandex, have shape retention that keeps them in perfect shape due to their stretchability. Choose the fabric that can maintain their appearance because losing shape can mean losing the grip on the body.


Affordable fabrics can help you save a lot of money. If you like to indulge in sports activities or workouts, then choose a cost-friendly fabric since replacing a hoodie over and over again because of wear and tear would cost you a lot.

If you can’t afford expensive materials like silk, then choose rayon for its similar appearance and feel.


Warm hoodies are always preferable in cold weather. Choose the ones with good warmth. For example, fleece and wool are common materials that provide amazing warmth.


Comfort is very important, so make sure you choose materials with a soft texture and smoothness. Cotton, fleece, wool, and many other materials are very soft and comfortable.

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