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Different Types of Kitchenware You Might Not Know About
By JOE MAILLET 1,632 views

Different types of Kitchenware you Might not know About

Everybody loves to eat and try different types of delicious foods but there are very few people out there that enjoy making these recipes. Cooking is an art and not everybody has got the talent for it. However, if you have the right tools and kitchen equipment available, then cooking can become more of a fun activity then a burdensome chore.

For cooking, you also need knowledge about which tools to use while making pasta or a pancake. The kitchenware and tools need to be of good quality to make this task fun. For example, kitchenware from popular brands like Anolon provides its customers with top-notch quality kitchen tools. You can easily get these quality kitchen tools online within the comfort of your home. So, get ready to sharpen your knowledge in learning about different kinds of kitchenware that you might not know before.

Following are some different types of kitchenware that will make your cooking a breeze:

  1. Measuring Spoons

 While baking you have to be very careful in putting the perfect amount of sugar flour, baking soda, cocoa powder, and this work can be done with perfection using measuring spoons. So, it is also an important part of your kitchenware toolset.

  1. Knife Used for Cutting Bread

There are many different kinds of bread that you have to cut yourself and for this you need is a good bread knife. This will save you from hurting your hand and making it easy to slice your bread.

  1. Kitchen Scissors

For cooking food like Chinese, it takes a lot of time in cutting those veggies in small equal size but now this work can be done in very less time using very fewer efforts by simply using kitchen scissors. Serrated edges of the kitchen knife allow you to see while cutting whereas the simple knife would simply cut your veggies. You can use these in cutting veggies, meat strips and in chopping dry fruits and whatnot.

  1. Peeler

Another kitchenware tool that works like magic is a peeler. It is used in peeling potatoes, cucumber, carrots, and fruits like apple, guava, etc. So now whenever you think that you need to peel some potatoes for making fries then you can simply pull out your peeler and get going. Furthermore, you need a mixing bowl for mixing the ingredients.

  1. Baking Sheet

The baking sheet is a simple tray which makes baking very easy. Its an ovenproof dish, it is also used which stops the overflowing of food during the baking process. Be it cookies, pies or any chicken dish now you can easily prepare them.

  1. Slotted Spoons

While boiling rice, you should use a spoon that is slotted. This slotted spoon is used in removing the rice from the water. Thus, it separates the food from the water.

  1. Spatula

Every time you cook food in a frying pan or a skillet, use a spatula which is specially designed to allow the tossing and turning of food in the skillet so that it doesn’t burn.

  1. Oven Gloves

While baking your favorite cupcakes, pastries, cakes there’s always a chance of getting a hand burn from the oven. To prevent your hands from burning you should always have oven gloves in your kitchen which will help prevent these unfortunate incidents.

  1. Masher

For mashing food like potatoes, tomatoes you can use a masher which makes your cooking process faster, quicker and easy. Before people used to use a fork for mashing but now in today’s life where everyone is in a hurry you should always have a masher in the kitchen to save your time.

10.Food Thermometer

Steaks taste more scrumptious when they are perfectly cooked, a thermometer is an essential equipment for this purpose. It checks whether the food is cooked properly or not. It is also beneficial for decreasing the risk that whether the food is overcooked or undercooked.

11.Cloth Used for Holding Pots:

This kitchenware is the one that seems like an ordinary or not so important part of the kitchen equipment but let me tell you that it is also very important to have in your kitchen. While removing hot pots from the stove always use a square piece of potholder that not only protects your hands from burning but also saves your slaps of the kitchen from being damaged by the hot surface of the pot.


Everyone knows the importance of having good quality tong in their kitchen. Tongs are used in turning the food upside down during the process of frying in the frying pan. By using a tong, you will not be burning your meat when trying to turn the side. It can also be used in separating the food from the water. But here’s my piece of advice for you that always buy a tong which is heat resistant that is the with silicon ends which will protect your pans from damaging.

13.Vegetable Cutting Board

For chopping your favorite veggies in the perfect shape always use a good quality cutting board. You can go for either a plastic one or for the wood one it is totally upon your choice and preference. This cutting board keeps your kitchen neat and tidy when cutting vegetables, meat or your favorite fruits for the fruit salad.


In today’s modern world where everyone is in a hurry, no one has time to cook food there is much different kitchenware that you can use to make your cooking easier, full of excitement, fun and quicker than ever before. Technology has made evolution in many fields and so is now visible in different kinds of kitchenware which are now available to make your work easier. The old style of using a fork for mashing is now replaced by masher which is used in mashing your food in lesser time as compared to the fork. Cutting board for keeping your kitchen clean while cutting vegetables for your recipe.  Other new kitchenware like baking sheets, slotted spoons, cutting scissors, peeler, measuring spoons is all the helping hand which you should always have in your kitchen. It is also important to highlight that now you can also check and control whether your met is perfectly cooked or not. This can now be done by using a measuring thermometer that allows you to see whether the meat is undercooked, perfectly cooked or overcooked.

Thus, this is fair to say that the new and improved kitchenware has not only helped us in preparing our favorites recipes in very less time. Now you can enjoy your cooking.

Joe Maillet

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