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beautiful prayer mat
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Types of Muslim Prayer Mats

Muslim Prayer Mats are one of the most common items used for Muslim prayers. This is because it is considered by the religion as one of the few places where you can learn to hum the Quran, as well as get in touch with your creator, Allah. With the right tools, it’s even easier to practice and memorize the Quran. These prayer rugs are considered by Muslims to be a practical and beautiful way to fulfill one’s duties to Allah. They may come in many forms such as floor prayer rugs, carpet-like prayer rugs, and even prayer mats.

Salah Rugs: The name beautiful prayer mat comes from two words, salah meaning praise and ash-shar meaning to pray. These words are combined, to form the word Salah which means praise and worship. This type of rug is typically square, although there are some round types available as well. It’s important to note that there is a difference between a carpet and a prayer rug; a carpet is used as a floor covering while a prayer rug is used as a prayer rug and then also as a carpet. This is why a carpet would not be used as a Salah rug.

Muslim Prayer Mats: The word “mat” in its root form means “seated”. It was only after the arrival of Islam that the use of a mat for Muslim prayers started to be used. Prayer mats come in different colors, designs, and sizes so it’s possible to find the perfect mat to match the decor of your room or house. You can buy a pre-made mat from a furniture store or you can design your own.

Prayer Rugs: They’re not exactly a “mat”, but more like a prayer carpet. These prayer rugs have a design that follows the basic shape of a prayer rug. You will generally find the rug is cut with a square, rectangular, or oval shape. There are no special rules for Muslim prayer mats other than they must be square and made with four equal sides.

Touch Sensitive Mats: You might think a Muslim Prayer Mat is the same as a prayer carpet, but they’re actually very different. Prayer mats touch sensitively, rather than having a smooth surface. They allow you to place your hands on top without having to worry about them getting stuck, and they offer a bit more friction than a carpet. The most commonly used touch-sensitive mats are made from wool. They’re available in a wide variety of colors and designs.

Al-Bukhari Rugs: The name “al-bukhari” means “on the left”. This type of rug is a very popular choice for Muslim worshipers because it allows you to kneel in prayer. This means you don’t need to touch the front of your rug in order to pray. The name comes from the story of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), when he had to walk on a carpet made of silk in order to spread his prayer.

Hand printed Rugs: A hand-printed rug is considered by Muslims to be a more elaborate form of a Muslim prayer mat. This is because it has a raised pattern, called a “maghrib”, in particular. When Muslims sits down to pray, they usually raise their legs and rest their palms on their hands. During the Salah, they keep their hands flat against their lap. The raised pattern of the handprint makes it easier for them to do this without sliding off of their seats.

The Muslim Praying Mats mentioned above is just one of many types available. There are also geometric designs, and colorful designs available. You can also find a prayer mat that is the same size as an upholstered rug. This makes it easy for you to use the same prayer rugs throughout your home. These are just some of the many types of Muslim prayer rugs available.


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