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concrete outdoor furniture
By DAVID FENTON 1,564 views

Understanding the Types of Polished Concrete Outdoor Furniture

Everyone who knows a very little about concrete can tell that its long lasting, diminishes less with time, and also is suitable for new patterned flooring as well as for outdoor spaces. Well, these similar properties are the base that defines the importance of concrete for any kind of indoor application. Polished concrete outdoor furniture can give the same look like that of marble and there are several ways to make the polished concrete furniture or bench top exclusive and durable.

Know the various outdoor furniture types

While making virtually any kind of polished concrete outdoor furniture, some requests are suggested to be made, which are:

  • Fireplaces made up of polished concrete: Slim and shiny polished concrete fireplace can be custom designed and given structure to complement a space and can be applied virtually with any texture, shape, or colour. In addition, using concrete for a fireplace provides the advantage of “thermal massing” in which the surrounding material absorbs heat when the furnace is being operated and releases temperature as soon as the surroundings cool down, providing higher energy efficiency as well as satisfactory thermal convenience.
  • Bathtub Surrounds made up of Polished Concrete: Concrete bathtub hobs for baths may provide the same glossy appearance as marble or granite, without increasing the cost. You can quickly make your bathtub a place that is more than just soaking, as after introducing polished concrete, it gains artistic look, and it will last for several years with proper maintenance.
  • Benchtops made up of Polished Concrete: Generate an exclusive seating area for any space you want with analluring, shiny, finished concrete benchtop. It does not matter if you are searching for a country-style, contemporary, or modern touch, the expanded range of available materials, polishes, designs, and colours of concrete benches will be a treat to your eye. 

All about concrete benchtops and more!

Why just opt for a common bathroom or kitchen décor if a beautiful benchtop can introduce an all-new feel? Nowadays benchtops are being made from concrete and can cast-in virtually into any size or shape- be it be small or huge. You opt for the colour as well as the texture you want, despite getting settled for what is already available. There is no boundation to something you may design or is being designed for you. Sink made up of stainless steel can be added to your kitchen benchtop after completion. Also, you can customise your vanity using a glass pedestal sink, or any other element that suits your kitchen needs the best. 

Additional furniture of concrete

One of the most prior benefits of using polished concrete outdoor furniture is its durability. Though granite and other stones are available in only a limited range of colours and patterns; with concrete, the variations can be expanded to the most considerable extent. Any colour can be availed so that you can match your new concrete piece with your already existing interior. The creators of concrete furniture use pigments, aggregate, as well as stains to provide furniture with a wholly different look.

Aggregates are usually used to add strength to cement and also to water in order to form concrete; though while making furniture, they also show the combined effect of giving texture and separately to an element. 

Repaire of finished concrete

Finished concrete is very convenient to be cleaned and takencare of. To make it clean, a soft detergent with a mop or cloth should be used once or twice a week or as per the need. If you steadily spill something on your concrete surface, make sure that it gets cleaned up as earlier as possible to avoid staining. You can always beautify your home with  Polished concrete outdoor furniture.

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