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By SARA WILSON 1,302 views

Unique Experiences you can gain only in Kolkata!

Kolkata received the “Green Mobility” award at C40 World Mayors Summit, Copenhagen, on 0ctober 10, 2019. Their plan to introduce 5,000 E-Buses and Electrified Ferries by 2030 was considered one of the most effective ways to reduce the rate of carbon emission. And this wasn’t the first time they won an award at the c40 Mayors Summit. Kolkata was crowned with the “Best City Award” in the 2016 Summit for its Solid Waste Management Improvement Project.

Kolkata is known for its lip-smacking street foods, but its specialty doesn’t stop there. There is a reason why its called the “City of Joy” because there are a few unique experiences you can gain only in Kolkata.

Trams and Hand-Pulled Rickshaws:

Kolkata is the home for one of the oldest running tram system in Asia and also the only place in India to have a tram system. With over 25 tram routes throughout the city, this will surely take you back in time.

Museums and Art Galleries:

Kolkata has numerous museums and art galleries. But the most popular ones are the Victoria Memorial Museum, Indian Museum, and Science City.

Built between 1906 – 1921, Victoria Memorial Hall is known for its Unique Indo-Saracenic Revivalist Style Architecture. This White Matrana Marble wonder covers an area of 338 feet by 228 feet and towers over 184 feet. It takes 21 gardeners to maintain the grand 64-acre garden.  Including The Royal Gallery, Sculpture Gallery, and recently opened Calcutta Gallery, this museum has over 25 galleries, which will take about a day to look around. But don’t worry, this Royal Museum will be open for tourists from 10 am – 5 pm every day. In the Royal Gallery, you can find portraits of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

You can also find a collection of paintings, weapons, coins, stamps, and a few possessions of Queen Victoria. The main attraction of this place would be the grand bronze statue of Queen Victoria, sitting on her throne. There is also a black bonze statue of Angel of Victory, mounted on ball bearings at the top of the dome, which will rotate with the wind.

Did you know? Victoria Memorial Hall is ranked as one of the top-rated museums in Kolkata by Three Best Rated®, a Multi-National Ranking Website.

Nicco Park:

Feel like art galleries, and museums aren’t your style? Then Nicco Park is the place for you. From kids and family rides to thrill rides and haunted houses, they provide overall entertainment for people of all age groups. Your kids will love the cable car ride and family carousel ride.

More of a daredevil? Try out the Sky Diver Ride for an exciting, adrenaline-pumping fall from an 80-feet tall tower that will probably take your breath away. Or drag that one friend who refuses to watch horror movies to the haunted house. That will probably leave them with nightmares for at least a month.

Other than rides, they also have a sperate playground for kids, Aquarium, Snow Globe, and some fabulous water rides. And let’s not forget about the Bowlers’ Den, which serves some exotic Indian and Chinese dishes.

Did You Know? With over 750 meter long tracks, Nicco Park has India’s Biggest Wooden Roller Coaster.

College Street – A Heaven For Book Lovers:

If you are a book lover, then you will love “College Street.” Filled with over a hundred makeshift bookstalls, it is the largest bookselling market in India. From school and college books to world-famous novels, you can find almost every book in here. But be warned, it will be a little crowded most of the time.

Did You Know? College Street is the largest Second-hand book market in the World, an ideal getaway for Book-Lovers.

Kolkata is the home for intellectuals, artists, and sports enthusiasts. They embrace their diverse culture and are proud of it. People are still connected to their roots, remembering where they came from, and that’s what makes it the “Culture Capital of India.”

Sara Wilson

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