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Beat Depression

How to Beat Depression: 5 Unordinary Tips to Overcome

Depression isn’t just about feeling lonely, but it is a pervasive feeling that can persist for a longer time than you think it would.

With it, your hope can start to disappear, no longer enjoying the things you used to like and love. Now, you find them a chore rather than a great activity.

But you don’t need to suffer from depression and let it take over. You can use the following unordinary tips to beat it.

Best Practices To Overcome Depression

Drink green tea:

Researchers at the Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine discovered that green tea could reduce stress (2009). The same study also revealed that besides other health benefits green tea could reduce depression symptoms in the elderly population.

Concluding, drinking more herbal tea could lower depressive symptoms among the age group.

Practice mindfulness:

It involves focusing on the present and letting go of the worries and unforeseen future. Mindfulness is a skill to practice that lets you engage your senses of what you are doing in the moment, involving focusing on sight, taste, smell and touch. When you master this skill, you will have less time for negative thoughts.

Stay connected:

It plays an essential role to overcome depression. By staying connected through reaching out, you can make a big difference regarding your outlook and mood.

But if you think that you have no one to turn to, you can start improving your support network and building new friendships.

Look for ways to support others: Receiving help is good, but helping others is a great mood booster. Do something nice, big or small, for your family, friends or somebody and see how you can improve your mood.


When you’re depressed, you might find yourself trying to hide in the shell. But did you know that staying in touch instead of isolating yourself could reduce stress and help overcome depression?

Take some time to talk to someone face-to-face about how you’re feeling to relieve depression.

Listen to upbeat music:

It is food for the soul that can change your mood and promote a positive vibe instantly. Listen to upbeat music and see how it can improve the way you’re feeling.

Stay active:

Exercise can help beat depression. You don’t need to stay long hours at the gym, though, but a 20-minute walk daily could make a big difference. Nevertheless, exercise makes your brain happy.

Unordinary Practices To Overcome Depression

Engage in sports and exercise:

Exercises and sports, including swimming, cycling, hiking or jogging, can prevent or relieve depression. In fact, studies had it that those who engaged themselves in sports alongside other depression treatments felt good.

Your mind also gets distracted from your life’s daily stressors when you engage in physical activities and prevents you from being bogged down by worries.


This is another unordinary way of beating depression. It has long been used in treating bipolar disorder because it is a great mood stabilizer. Lithium also prevents depression relapses as a component of bipolar disorder.

Try Cannabis

We all know cannabis became legal in many countries and the medical benefits of it became a highly discussed topic. If you live in a recreational state and feel that your stress is at levels that a doctor would recommend cannabis in a medical state, try it. One of the best ways to consume cannabis is via vape pens or using a dry herb vaporizer.

Massage or rub your ears

By doing so, you can relieve yourself from stress. So if you’re feeling depressed, spend some time rubbing your ears. Notice how you’re feeling later.
Consume probiotics

These superfoods offer numerous benefits, especially in mood lifting. Based on a published study at the Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, probiotics could help reduce aggressive thinking and rumination.

Go to a special place

Finding someplace new and engaging in a different adventure can help lessen depressive symptoms. If your work is near a nature reserve, the ocean or a garden, go out! Take your lunch with you and go to any of those places.

Try these unordinary ways of overcoming depression and notice the big difference in the way you’re feeling. So again, try going to a special place, listening to upbeat music, consuming probiotics, rubbing your ears and playing sports.

Steve Hackenberg

Steve Hackenberg is a connector with a passion for content writing and love for outdoors and his dog. You will often find him jogging around, or drinking a cup of joe whenever he's not at his desk.