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USB Type-C
By DANIEL MATTEI 749 views

Points that Unravel the Importance of USB Type-C

Laptops that were earlier being manufactured fully decked with numerous ports that used to facilitate multiple connectivity options is now becoming a thing of the past with each passing day. Owing to the dominance of the USB Type-C in the market, the connectivity standard has taken a huge leap in the technical advancement. It has greatly affected the design and functionality of the digital notebooks. The remarkable shift to the Type-C connectivity standard started with Apple announcing the singular port based on the USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt 3 concept that would comply only with USB-C hub for MacBook Pro or other similar Type-C enabled devices and cables and connectors.

There is a big reason why Apple of all the brands decided it first to give a try to the USB Type-C port in its MacBook series. Apple has always been a design-specific brand that loves minimalistic look and the MacBook series with USB Type-C port is yet another example. Apart from the design point of view, here are some of the facts based on the technical basis that will render you a better understanding of the significance of the USB Type-C:

Compliant to the Latest Connectivity Protocols

It goes without saying that the design single-handedly cannot be the only reason behind an entire makeover of a connectivity standard especially when it is being adopted by global brands like Apple. Thanks to the bespoke functionalities, the USB Type-C connectivity standard renders an effective and consistent support to the latest communication portals of the USB 3.1 that has a much broader spectrum of USB standard connectivity. With the incorporation of the Type-C port in the MacBook Pro, users will find it much easier and convenient to work and share data with multiple peripherals and devices that used to be a problem in the past. Compared to the previous USB connectivity standards, the Type-C stands out with its versatile nature and impeccable support for various latest protocols.

Efficient and Quick Charging Attributes

USB charging has never been much streamlined before the way it has been with the new USB Type-C fast charging feature. The built-in highly sensitive USB Power Delivery ensures that your device gets fully charged while allowing fast data transmission at the same time. All you need is an industry-grade USB Type-C adapter or hub to leverage the high power output and draw the highest possible speed.

Well-contoured Design

The Type-C connectivity standard facilitates high-speed data transmission outlining fast and efficient charging that makes your laptop working experience smooth, owing to the exceptional flexibility. With Type-C as your new connectivity option, you can avail the value-added benefit of connecting multiple devices and various peripherals with your MacBook Pro. Whether you have to deliver a presentation or share data with multiple peripherals, everything is now a cakewalk with the USB Type-C.

Final Thoughts

Connecting devices on the different ports of your laptop are slowly fading away, with laptop manufactures acknowledging the user-specific technical benefits of the Type-C USB connector. More and more laptop designers and producers are following the footsteps of Apple and have started to embrace the shift.

Daniel Mattei

Daniel Mattei is a Professional writer. He has written many articles on Health, Travel, Business, and Technology.