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Aadhar Card
By ADITI AHUJA 1,096 views

How to Update Your Name and Mobile Number in Aadhar Card?

The Aadhar card is widely considered as the single-most important document that holds proof of your identification. It carries your name, birth date and address, and is linked to your official mobile number. With this document alone, you can clear all your KYC procedures in one go. However, if the information on the Aadhar card is incorrect, to begin with, it might make it difficult to avail any services linked to it.

For instance, if your name is spelt incorrectly, you may not be able to link it to your bank account, PAN card, driving license etc.

On the other hand, if your phone number is recorded wrongly in the Aadhar card, you may miss important notifications.  Therefore, it is important to ensure that all information on your Aadhar card, including your name and mobile number, is correct. If there is any change in this information, you need to update it immediately.

How to Update your Name & Mobile number in Aadhar card?

The government has provided three different methods through which you can apply for your Aadhar card corrections. You can update it easily, by visiting the official Aadhar Self-Service Update Portal (SSUP), the enrolment centre or via postal delivery. For e aadhar download, your mobile number need to be updated, as OTP is sent to this no. for verification.

While there is a nominal charge of Rs. 25 when you visit an enrolment centre for the corrections, there is no fees for the other two methods. Make sure that you update the name and mobile number corrections in your Aadhar card, whenever it needs an update. Once you have made the corrections in in your Aadhar card, you can download the updated version.

Here’s a brief lowdown on how to update Aadhar through the different means, mentioned below:


Method 1 – Updating Aadhar Online

If you’re looking to update your name and mobile number on your Aadhar card, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1– Visit the Aadhar Self Service Update Portal (SSUP)

Step 2– Login into the account by entering your Aadhar number. You will be asked to enter an OTP, which will be sent to your registered mobile number.

Step 3– Once you are directed to the next web page, select on the box of name and phone number.

Step 4– Scan and upload your self-attested supporting documents for verification. You can use an address proof and an identity proof that has the updated details. Click submit.

Step 5– Once your updation request is submitted you will receive URN (Update Request Number). Use this number to track the status of your request.

Only those who have linked their Aadhar with their phone number can update their Aadhar. Without the linkage, you will not receive the OTP and may not be able to proceed further.


Method 2 – Updating Aadhar through Post

You can also update Aadhar by sending the updated details via post. In order to do so, here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1- Download the form for updation from this link uidai.gov.in/images/UpdateRequestFormV2 .pdf

Step 2- Mark the boxes that need updating. Also, mention your phone number and email ID.

Step 3- Get photocopies of self-attested supporting documents that have the updated information.

Step 4-  You can then send the form and documents to the following address:

Address -1


Post Box No. 10


Madhya Pradesh- 480001




Post Box No. 99

Banjara Hills

Hyderabad- 500034



Method 3 – Visiting the Enrolment Centre

You can get your demographics (name, address, DOB, mobile and phone number) and biometrics (fingerprint, iris, and photograph) updated when you visit the enrolment centre. Follow these steps to do so:

Step 1- Visit the nearest enrolment centre to correct and update your mobile number and name.

Step 2- Carry supporting documents for updating. The supporting documents should contain the details to be updated on the Aadhar card.

Step 3- Hand over your self-attested documents to the operator for verification. Once he has recorded your update request, he will scan your document and return it.

Step 4- Your details will be updated. This exercise requires a fee of Rs. 25 each time the Aadhar needs updating.

After you update your Aadhar card, you can also apply for a loan and avail of other financial services with fewer documents and formalities.

Aadhar card is a crucial document for applying for a passport, or opening a new bank account. You also receive welfare benefits such as pension, Provident Fund and LPG subsidy directly in your account through your Aadhar card. Since the information on your Aadhar card carries is recorded in the government database, it is important that your Aadhar card contains the correct information.

For e-Aadhar download, visit the UIDAI website and get a copy of your e-Aadhar. You can consider printing the e-Aadhar and use it as a single document proof wherever needed.


Aditi Ahuja

Aditi Ahuja is a noted financial consultant and adviser. As she has worked with several financial organisation for many years, she has extensive knowledge in this sector. She writes on financial affairs, issues and solutions covering a broad range of topics like loans, insurance, investment and funding. Stay updated with her latest blogs.