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simple ways
By AYLA ANDERSON 1,043 views

Simple ways to Update and Upgrade your Bedroom

Upgrading your bedroom is not a simple matter. First of all, it depends on the way you see your bedroom at the moment, as well as the goals that you wish your bedroom to achieve. What is the primary purpose of a bedroom? Is it a recharge room, a personal oasis, or a shrine of lust and passion? Sure, it can be all of these things but then you need to find a suitable compromise through which you can manifest these multiple personalities of your bedroom. All in all, here are four ideas that are worth considering when trying to update and upgrade your bedroom.

1. Reduce the number of pillows

A lot of people just love to decorate their bedrooms with an abundance of pillows and cushions on the bed. However, as aesthetically pleasing as this can be, the thing is that the solution itself isn’t ideal. First of all, it’s impractical. It just makes making the bed somewhat more complex. Second, going minimal may even be considered as a visual upgrade. Generally speaking, two sets of matching pillows are all you need. Just make sure that the pillows are always fresh. This means washing and cleaning them regularly. Also, a synthetic-filled pillow should probably be replaced every two years.

2. Organized nightstand

While it is not the first thing that the majority of people will think of when it comes to bedroom organization, the thing is that the nightstand clutter may cause quite a bit of distress. This is a place where people keep their reading lamp, a simple planter, or an alarm clock. Each of these items needs to be accessible. So, what happens when you have too many of these items? Well, you can solve this by mounting a shelf or by hanging a rack nearby. A wall-mounted lamp is another elegant solution to this problem and it may free up an additional socket.

3. Painting the room

Every color affects our minds in a completely unique way. For instance, if you want to turn the bedroom into a place of rest and relaxation, you cannot go wrong with blue, green, or pink. On the other hand, those who want to enhance their sexual life and add an additional layer of romance into their bedroom, they might want to go with something like deep raspberry, deep ruby red or even black. According to experts behind Leading Edge Painting, the choice of the color is just the beginning, seeing as how the quality of paint job may determine the overall success of the project.

4. Redo the light

The very last thing that you might want to add to the project is the improvement of the bedroom’s lighting scheme. First, you need a dimmable light, so that you can use the illumination to set the mood within the room. Second, you should consider going for a layered lighting system. You already have a bedside lamp and the main lighting fixture, why not go further with this idea? Every part of the room deserves a smaller fixture of its own, which should allow you to compartmentalize the lighting scheme of the room. The idea itself is truly ingenious.

In conclusion

In the end, none of the above-listed methods is either expensive or complex to pull off. They are simple, frugal, and can be executed in a matter of days. Seeing as how your bedroom is pivotal for your rest, relaxation, and your love life, postponing this project seems like a bad idea. Fortunately, now that you know your options, it will be a lot easier to make up your mind.

Ayla Anderson

Ayla Anderson is an avid reader and an enthusiastic blogger who writes articles on home improvement, business, Family and beauty. She also spends much of her time giving advice to newly small businesses on how to grow their businesses.