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upsc exam preparation tips
By LEGACY IAS 3,093 views

UPSC Exam Preparation Tips For Beginners

UPSC conducts the most prestigious exams in the country. Every year millions of aspirants appear in UPSC exams. Those who appear for the first time in the UPSC exam, need proper guidance for preparation. Most of the time beginners are confused about a lot of things like what to do, how to do etc. Here in this article aspirants can get help regarding their UPSC Exam Preparation tips.


1. Set your goals

Aspirants must be clear about their goals. Aspirants must know what they want to do. They should not go ahead with UPSC preparation just because somebody else is doing, or someone suggested doing so. Most of the aspirants started their preparation because of peer pressure. In Some cases, family or parental expectations force them to join UPSC preparation even if the aspirant is not capable of doing so or they are merely interested in doing UPSC preparation. Her parents also keep in their mind that they should not impose any pressure on their child to do UPSC. Every individual has their own goals and life expectations. Parents must consult with their child whether he/she is interested in their own or there is some kind of pressure on their child to do UPSC. So every aspirant must set their clear goal to clear UPSC without any pressure and by their interest.

2. Prepare updated notes

Every time there are compulsory changes in the syllabus of UPSC, especially in the Current affairs and GK sections. Thus aspirants must be updated with their study material so that they can prepare and refer to updated notes.

3. Improve your writing skills and handwriting

In the UPSC exam, UPSC evaluates an aspirant’s writing skills. So aspirants must prepare for the writing section. For this, continuous writing practice is a must. Aspirants must start writing practice daily with small content. Later on, this practice should match with UPSC essay writing criteria. This will help you to clear the Essay writing section.

4. Make a habit of reading newspapers daily

General knowledge and Current affairs are very important to clear the UPSC exam. News Papers are a very strong and genuine source of updated general knowledge and Current affairs to get. Aspirants must stay updated with General knowledge and Current affairs with the help of newspaper reading daily.

5. Go through the previous year question papers

Although UPSC changes the pattern of Exams from time to time. But, it is beneficial to refer to the previous year’s question papers. This would help aspirants to understand the pattern, type, number of questions because if there are changes in the pattern it will be very slight.

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6. Be ambitious and confident

It’s very important to have faith in yourself. When you are preparing for UPSC you have to be ambitious and confident because confidence cannot come in a single day. Anyone can feel low in the initial days but it needs more practice.

7. Self-study is always important

Although there are several coaching centers nationwide that claim that they support the best for UPSC preparation. Even some of them advertised like if you will not join them, you have no idea what you will lose. But this is not true. If you know how to prepare, you can arrange updated and genuine study material and have a crystal clear plan of study with time management. You don’t need any coaching for UPSC preparation. You can refer to many examples where aspirants crack UPSC without joining any coaching. So if you can study by yourself, be confident and go ahead. Anyways, it doesn’t matter if you are selected for coaching or not, self-study will always play an important role to successfully crack the UPSC exam.

8. Self-motivation

Self-motivation is a very important factor for UPSC preparation. Without self-motivation, no one can clear the UPSC exam. UPSC preparation is a long duration task, during preparation sometimes it’s frustrating, lack of patience, and extreme mental pressure to clear the exam. Self-motivation is a valuable factor that can help aspirants to face such issues as frustration, lack of patience and extreme mental pressure, etc.

9. Role of coachings

Coaching plays a very important role in some cases. Some aspirants don’t know how to prepare for exams, study material, time management, etc. Online IAS Coaching has experts to help aspirants in preparation but it is the aspirant’s responsibility to opt for the best suitable coaching with their set of requirements.

10. Focus on important concepts

Aspirants must focus on important concepts during preparation for UPSC. Some concepts are very important to clear. Aspirants try to focus on repetitive contexts. Revision is a must for important concepts. This is also advised to aspirants to avoid wasting their time on less important or merely asked concepts.

These are some important tips that can be helpful for UPSC aspirants. Aspirants can consider these tips while preparing especially when they are beginners and don’t have any idea about preparation.

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