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uPVC Windows
By SHWETA SINGH 2,746 views

uPVC Doors and Windows – Adding value to Modern Homes

As uPVC doors and windows are making waves for a long time now, you probably must be aware of their unique qualities and advantages. Also, you must be accustomed to their different types and styles, including uPVC casement windows and sliding doors. However, if you are still seeking more knowledge about these, we can help. In our guide below, you can find out more about different uPVC window and door options and how they can add value to modern homes.

What are the Different Types of uPVC Doors?

  • Lift & Slide uPVC Doors – These doors stand out in terms of convenience, as the lift and slide sashes permit the simple movement of large and heavy doors. They also ensure optimal use of space, as the make and design of these doors flaunt a space-saving opening. Available in refined designs at the leading uPVC windows and doors manufacturers and suppliers, these doors let plenty of light enter the room.
  • Casement Door – Adept at adding the required charm and character to your home, these uPVC doors also help keep homes warm and quiet. You can enjoy using them with little fuss over years, as they are maintenance-free or require a little bit of that.
  • uPVC Slide & Fold Door – Another convenient and space-saving design is that of the slide & fold door. You can fold the door frames and push them to the side for allowing free entry and exit to your family members and guests.

What are the Different Types of uPVC Windows?

  • uPVC Casement Windows – Very practical and simple uPVC casement windows are meant for any home type and design. These windows are among the most popular window designs available in the market.
  • Sliding Windows – These windows have two or more frames that slide horizontally on the tracks to the left or right. These are ideal for homes that have lesser space and wherein space economy is required.
  • Top Hung Windows – Though quite identical to conventional casement windows in appearance and function (barring one variation), modern Casement windows rotate on the hinges raised on the corners.
  • Tilt & Turn Windows – Suitable for modern homes, these windows are smart and stylish in appeal and functionality altogether. With their tilt and turn mechanism, these windows provide safe and sufficient ventilation to modern homes.

What Value do uPVC Doors and Windows Add to Homes?

  • They make homes energy-efficient
  • Improve ventilation
  • Bring in more natural light
  • Enhance safety and security quotient of homes
  • uPVC windows and doors improve aesthetics
  • They require little maintenance and are eco-friendly
  • Offer thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Are highly durable

uPVC windows and doors have become an integral part of many residential and commercial properties because of their tremendous features. They have so many qualities that work wonders for making homes more liveable. They end up adding so much value to homes that in turn help improve the life quality of residents.

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