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urban gardening
By JOE MAILLET 1,213 views

5 Best Urban Gardening Plants to Grow in your Home for your Meals 

Urban gardening has been a concept that has been rising to the trends. A lot of homes do not have space for a big garden anymore, they use their space indoors or their humble balcony for planting. Even though houses and lots are not that spacey especially for urban residents, there are still ways to grow their plants at home.

One of the best plants to grow in your own home is vegetables and herbs. Having your recipes planted in your home has its advantages such as they make your ingredients fresh which means the nutrients are more potent before you eat your food rather than buying it in the market. Putting greens in your own home can also purify the air. 

What are the best plants you can keep in your urban home? Some plants do not need a lot of space to grow yet they can add a lot to your daily healthy food. You only need small or medium-sized containers and they can thrive in your own home no matter how big space is. For those with big homes, you can also plant these small plants as well.

Chives –

Chives are one of the most popular herbs and garnishes in food. Nowadays, people are exploring Asian cuisines such as Korean, Chinese, and Japanese food. Chives are highly used in their recipes as it brings aroma and is a popular garnish as well.

Luckily, you can plant chives indoors as long as it receives six (6) hours of full sunlight. It is a cool-season vegetable as well so you can grow during fall and winter. This can be placed in small containers or medium containers and should be placed in an area with sunlight. 

For those with outdoor gardens, this can be planted there as well. If you crave something that adds an aesthetic aspect to your home, Chives can also grow purple flowers. Click Here to know more about growing Chives.

Lettuce –

For those who want to add more vegetables to their meals such as salads or add a vegetable to your sandwich, you should think about growing lettuce. One of the most staple vegetables.

When growing lettuce, it is practical to place it outside, maybe on your balcony. It can thrive in a small container and can make your salads fresher and the nutrients more concentrated. You can also put it in a long vertical container with holes and you can plant other salad vegetables there as well. When harvesting lettuce, get the outside leaves first. This will make leaves grow in it again for your next salad or sandwich. 

Green Beans –

Green beans are another vegetable you can add to your home. This is also good for your food needs. This is good for those who are cutting down their calories or maintaining health as it is low in calories and cholesterol. It can be sauteed, fried, mixed in soups, and mixed in salads. There are many ways to eat this food.

There are two different types of green beans to grow at home.  This can be bush beans and pole beans. Bush beans can grow like a bush and are shorter while pole beans need a trellis to grow as it is Viney. Pole beans grow vertically and are recommended for home gardening. 

Tomatoes –

Tomatoes are also one of the most popular vegetables as it is included in your favorite recipes such as pizza and pasta. Although pizza and pasta are considered unhealthy, growing your own produce for those recipes will make it more nutritious and healthy, and cooking it in your own home will definitely lessen its bad nutrients. Your favorite guilty pleasures as a healthy recipe? That is such a combo!

Take note, this vegetable is not only for pizzas and pasta, it is highly versatile and can be put in your soups, salads, juices, and sandwiches. Good thing this favorite versatile food can be easily planted in your own home and can be done by a novice. Small or big containers, either of the two, can be chosen for your tomato plant to grow.

Basil Leaves –

Basil is a herb or mint that can be planted in your home garden. This is also popular and can be made as a pesto sauce for your pasta, as a topping for your pizza, and as a tea as well. Besides that, it can be added as a spice in your recipes to give more flavor and fragrance. Good thing this is easy to grow both indoors and outdoors with a small container


Having your own garden with a small urban home can now be accessible. Nowadays, we crave greens in an urbanized space as it will freshen the air and it will minimize the intake of processed food for those who plan to grow vegetables and herbs. Growing vegetables is not hard. You do not need to be an expert in gardening just to know how to grow your plant indoors. All you need is a little research and a love for growing plants. 

Joe Maillet

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