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As the world battles with the corona-virus pandemic, many countries have closed their borders to curb the spread of the virus. Many businesses have suffered greatly and people are living in fear of the unknown. Amidst this global pandemic, the president of the United State of America has temporarily suspended the USA immigration system. On Wednesday,23th of April 2020, Donald Trump signed an executive order to suspend all processes and applications for permanent residents. The good news is he excluded the application submitted by researchers and health care professionals who are entering the country to help combat coronavirus. The decision is made to help stop the spread of coronavirus and also protect American jobs.

Contrary to this, Canada is still open for immigrants who are ready to migrate into the country. Despite the damage created by the coronavirus pandemic on the global economy, Canada recognizes the impact of immigration on the growth of its economy and its labor market. Although Canada is still giving travel restrictions to combat the spread of coronavirus, they are still approving visa applications. I decided to take a bold step in February and apply for a student visa in Canada and they grant me the visa. I was so happy and thankful to Royal Migration. a Dubai based immigration services company who are specialized in all kinds of visas. I am grateful to them and indebted to all the staff that helped me out with the processing. Have you been trying to get a visa to Canada? Royal migration is the best plug. Here are tips on how they help me out.

They are my support system for successful visa application during this period of crisis.

As Canada promises to open borders for international students, this is simply the best time for visa application and travel. Especially, if you are an international student with a valid study permit and has been approved for a study permit on or before March 18, 2020.

Now, what gave me an advantage was the fact that I was given the visa before the pandemic rolls out to other country. And all this was made possible with the help of royal migration. At first, I was scared they will deny me because of the high rate of visa refusal but going through royal migration reviews, I decided to consult them for help. And I can simply say i make the best decision. They are hands-down the best in the industry.

Guidance on the interview process

Everyone knows studying in Canada never comes easy. And when you have been giving admission into a recognized university, that is just part of the process. You will still need to convince the Canadian government before you can be granted the visa for studies. Thanks to Royal migration for their unrelenting efforts to ensure my interview process went successfully. From the questions they will ask the way I should comport myself to building my confidence, royal migration takes me through the whole training to ensure I successfully navigate the interview. The whole thing wouldn’t have been possible without their support and advice.

If you are still on the fence on whether to apply for the visa, I advice that you should not be deter by the current situation and go for it. Plus, Canada is expected to ease the travel restrictions soon as the coronavirus crisis decline.

In case of more queries, simply contact royal migration for help. While at it, check out royal migration reviews. A prove that I’m not the one with a successful visa approval even while many might be facing refusal. My family and I will be forever grateful to royal migration for ensuring a successful visa processing.

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