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By SANAVOHRA 1,285 views

Why is It Beneficial for Startups to use Artificial Intelligence?

When it comes to starting your own business, everyone is terrified of the idea of not gaining success. And it’s a common feeling that no matter how much you are prepared you will always have a doubt. So now, what exactly artificial intelligence provides your start-up with that benefit. To be specific, it is not what AI does, but it is more like how you operate it.
Artificial intelligence if explained in simple terms, is the process of transforming human predictions into a mechanical route through performing tasks of decision-making, problem-solving, and learning with the help of parameters and algorithms.
There are incredible innovations out there for you to use for your startup business. Some basic AI tools that everyone needs and others that people want to reach the top. Truth be told, tools like are the prime reason that determines your success. Of course, your intelligence, work capability, and employers play a major part, but AI tools help you reduce workload from everyone’s shoulders thus making the results more promising.

Role Of AI in Startups

Artificial intelligence gives machines a chance to learn the reason and also to self-correct. But how does that help your business? Well, here are some benefits of AI technologies that can help your startup in everyday duties. And this list is just the beginning of possibilities; the range of artificial intelligence is beyond imagination. But these few tips and tricks will help your business reach an immediate new height in the market.

#1 Hold Your Job Interviews

When it comes to hiring, it can be a bit tricky for a business that just started, but AI can better the recruiting process to a great extent. There are numerous benefits of using hiring software than hiring through a recruiter. The work down will be before-time, reasonable, and without human errors. If you may know, applicant tracking systems are for and help in handling recruitment and hiring requirements.

Depending on AI to handle the recruitment that does not mean the process will lead on itself without any human interference. The only reasonable way to benefit from recruitment software is by using it as per your requirements and directions. And, surely the end discretion is in the recruiter’s hand.

AI helps you simplify the screening process and helps in interviews and reports. In other words, what AI does is it can take over all the dull and slow, grinding part of reading CVs, taking tests, and reviewing scores tangible. Employee onboarding becomes highly easy and AI streamlines the HR process to a very smooth workflow.

#2 Choose A CRM System with AI Features

Customer Relation Management (CRM) system is usually very capable of automating most of the daily tasks. When combined with Artificial Intelligence, this automation can jump onto a whole new level. Basically, what CRM software does is helps you not only manage but also maintain customer relationships, track sales leads, marketing, and importantly, deliver actionable data.
Features of a CRM like that of intelligent predictions and personalized recommendations prove to be highly prospective. It helps build the most amazing and at the same time, personalized customer experience that is natural and convenient.

#3 Keep A Track of Your Plan With AI

Startups are pretty difficult and the reason that you have to plan everything by yourself for the sake of the whole company can be hectic and you probably will be having a countless number of to-do lists, small projects, and other ideas. It can be a huge responsibility for you or any of your employees (if any) to handle and keep everything organized.
But with a little help with AI, you can schedule and organize every day of your work. AI tools for scheduling can help you add tasks and set a due date on them so that you are well organized and without any doubt miss any part of your job. When you plot in your data sources, you get a detailed time-sheet. Not just that, based on what information you logged in, it can automatically plan your resources optimize time.

#4 Use AI For Insights And Analytics

You already are aware of how AI benefits through planning and tracking time by now. But did you know this is not the end of all benefits AI is capable to produce for you? To understand if your startup is going well or it needs some changes, knowing what your customers think about it is your biggest key to success. AI gives you insights to understand your customers in a better and more tangible way.
What AI exactly does is that it collects data and then analyzes it for you to further act upon it. This data can be used to measure your audience’s responses and opinions.

AI’s Impact On Startups

But to make the statement clear and to know what to look into for, in the future, you need to understand how much AI impacts your startup. By now you might get to the conclusion that AI might actually gain you a competitive edge in the market.

Startups leveraging AI technology for any kind of small-scale or large-scale business, are bound to be successful, no matter what competition they need to face. It is utterly up to the person to use the tools of artificial intelligence wisely and smartly to reach the heights they dream of.

In this 21st century era, almost everything runs on AI, but it depends on a person how they want to utilize the benefits AI provides to mankind. The possibilities of AI are infinite and it for sure makes the startup efficient, intelligent, and cost-effective.


You might think every work is different and you might even have a thought that AI, no matter how advantageous, will not work in all kinds of startups. But the only way to know what will definitely work for you and your business is by experimenting with it. And when it comes to AI, it will only be on your good side and provide you benefit no matter what you do.

The fact that every work needs scheduling and planning is the reason why AI will always be beneficial. But of course, before starting something new, everyone has their oven insecurities and fears of failure. Therefore, start simple and make the first step work rather than including another program in your gamut.


Sana Vohra is a Marketing and Technology enthusiast who loves reading more than anything. She is a writer in equal measures: passion and profession. She enjoys being a writer as it makes her read more.