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By KAREN ANTHONY 1,307 views

Interesting tricks to use stories for Instagram and followers on Instagram

With the introduction of Instagram stories, the fundamental basis of using the platform has transformed. Both brands and individuals try to break down the barriers by curating beautiful feeds based on behind the scenes content to make Instagram stories highly engaging.

It is a very casual approach to sharing content, but it has generated higher engagement with the audience because most of them check stories daily. Thus you can quickly raise your followers through interesting tips and tricks through feeds during COVID, thereby urging them to come again. You cannot deny that pandemic has affected every section of society. However, if you know how to use digital media creatively, you can still stand out amidst the abundance of competition.

Stay updated on social media like Instagram to ensure you know the market’s tips and tricks to entice followers. As the more the number of followers, it will efficiently convert into more business opportunities.

Why Buy followers on Instagram?

 Instagram is the platform where people use multiple tricks and tips, thereby experimenting with unique content to make exciting stories during COVID. Even during the pandemic, brands have not let down their followers by invariably making uploads that are creative but highly illuminating. The consistency of uploads can successfully entice the followers. You can even buy followers on Instagram to ensure that your business page remains unaffected even during the pandemic. Do not let any setback affect your hard-earned business profile as there is immense competition from different sections on Instagram. Thus, despite the thunderbolt from the pandemic, your business page will continue to grow.

Some creative Instagram tips and tricks

You can even create sensational and unique content without having any graphic designing or photo editing apps. On Instagram, you have many filters and tools that can help you come up with exciting feeds. You can add life to your content without the help of a professional photographer.

  • Use ombre letters 

To add a flush of color to your Instagram content, you can use ombre letters to make exciting feeds. It will create a constructive impact on the audience, and can also add character to your content. If you want to tell the users that you have a modern approach, this is the right way to put it across. However, you should have content that is “in sync” with your style and avoid making abrupt content. Thus you must identify your community and put up feeds that will go down well with your community of followers.

  • Add interesting background colors

There can be instances when you want to share a particular feed, but you hesitate from doing so because of the background. If you have a disturbing backdrop in your feed, then it will distract the followers. Therefore you can change the background color to blend with what you have in your mind. There are various color selection tools on Instagram that can help you change the background color as per your preferences.

  • Mix fonts with handwriting

You can write a caption and complement it with an attractive font. It will give personality to your content and add richness to the rest of your feed. You may use the collaborative tool to put up phrases written by your finger. There are even tools present to adjust these phases’ positioning so that your content looks highly unique and stimulating. You should find a way to make your upload enjoyable among the gallon of content uploaded every day. Onlyif your style of upload is unique; you can make a mark on this platform.

  • Use multiple photos in a single collage

You can transform your Instagram story into a scrapbook by uploading multiple images in a single collage. It is an exciting way to upload multiple photos in a single frame. Thereby you can play safe. It is true that sometimes uploading too much content may exhaust the users. Thus it is a fascinating trick to upload multiple contents into one story, thereby uploading all that was necessary without taking too much time of the user.

  • Make boomerangs out of ”live” photos

In recent times, as there is a growing popularity of Instagram after the pandemic. People are trying to look for exciting ways to make their business page stand out. The young demographics have found a new way to attract followers by turning live photos into a boomerang. You may even add mystique by using the eraser tool to reveal only parts of an image. It is an excellent way to launch a product, thereby creating curiosity among the followers.

The younger demographics put forward their creative best during the pandemic to develop new hacks to explore Instagram in the best possible manner. Thus you must use the Instagram tools to ensure that the business page continues to grow even during COVID.

Karen Anthony

Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.