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You can enjoy great benefits of using custom pallets for transferring goods and sustaining your logistics and freight transfer business amongst all the competition from rivals. This happens with simple steps, and all you have to do is understand the importance of using custom pallets. But even before that you need to know what happens to the pallets which you normally send for export?

What Happens to Ordinary Export Pallets?

Pallets go through a long journey during transfer. They are hauled up and pulled down, carried to distances, stacked here and there, lined and spread, bumped and lightly thrown too. All sorts of harsh and careless treatments are received by them, through the transfer, and this goes on for weeks or months before they finally reach. On top of it, the pallets are loaded with goods, and it’s the responsibility of pallets itself to protect what is within. Therefore, pallets normally take a lot of treatment and yet are expected to perform their best till the end.

Moreover, the pallets are checked for sanitation. Germs, pests, eggs, and larva of pests etc may be contaminating the pallets due to careless storage at several places during transport. For these reasons, often pallets are kept in quarantine before loading them in vessels or containers, or warehouses, which delays the transfer even more.

Why Custom Pallets Are Different

Custom pallets of export quality are different because they are prepared in a way to stay good for a longer duration while being of your preferred size and height, and being certified of quality and sanitation. The custom pallets are heat treated by the makers, to rule out all chances of the wood carrying pests or germs or larva etc.

What happens if the maker will treat it, certify, and put a stamp, and will deliver the pallets with the certificate to you which mention that they are ISPM-15 compliant. This will help you to transfer the freight sooner by producing this certificate at all check-points thereby avoiding any quarantine period or temporary stay orders.


Why Custom Pallets Are Helpful for Packing

  • With standard sized pallets, you can guard and pack things which fall under that size limit, or may be arranged to go by those dimensions. However, for larger, too small, or irregular sized objects which need special packaging, the normally sized pallets won’t suffice. You will have to order customized pallets of special export quality.
  • Supporting the extra weight is another reason you should order custom pallets for. When the goods are too heavy and beyond the weight carrying capacity of a standard pallet, then a custom may be useful.
  • Moreover, your pallets are specially marked with your company name, logo, or special instructions or product specifications etc. It helps in branding, identification, and makes the packages easy to locate.

When you send your goods packed in custom and export pallets, you avoid many problems like:

  • Delay in delivery and transit.
  • Problems in paperwork and permits.
  • Accidents due to damage or breakage of pallets.
  • Damage of goods due to non-compliant pallets.
  • Loss of pallets due to those being identical and one type like all other pallets in freight.

When you avoid these problems, you really speed by business, stay relaxed and organized, and build reputation gradually due to this organized handling of the packaging and freight transfers. Moreover, you add to the brand value by even using the pallets for branding and easy identification.

There are reliable, reputed, and experienced makers of custom and export pallets, who can make amazing quality custom pallets for you in a short time.

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