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video marketing
By SHASHI RANJAN 298 views

Using Video Marketing Effectively – 8 Popular Ways

Video marketing comprises of creating a customised video to spread a particular message about the brand and then propagating it across the various available digital platforms. By doing so, the companies aim to achieve varied goals such as introducing products, educating consumers or sharing an achievement, all working towards the ultimate goal of increasing traffic, growing the consumer base and increasing revenue. The activity cannot remain the same for this variety of goals and hence needs to be varied as well. There are several ways in which video marketing can be put into effect.

The different types of videos that can be created for achieving different goals are as below:

1. Product-Related Videos

These can be focused on new products or the re-launch of old ones. This kind of video gives you the freedom to explain the product in terms of its features and benefits. If it is a gadget or an appliance, you can use these to explain its functionality as well.
For a product video to be successful, it should be engaging for the consumer and must have the capability to make him feel the need for the product. For that, the product should be portrayed as something that can bring about a change for the better.

2. Corporate Videos

This type of video addresses your partners, staff, investors, and customers. Through this, you can let them all know what your company stands for, the mission of the organisation and what is it that you aim for. It must communicate your distinguishing features to your audience.
For the audience, it is imperative that the video talks to them and lets them know how the company can be beneficial for them. This could also be used for luring fresh talent to join you through platforms such as LinkedIn.

3. TV Advertisements

Though you can reach a big chunk of the population with the expanding internet accessibility, you still need the medium of television to reach the masses. TV commercials are short 30-second videos, which need to communicate your message effectively in a very short time. Hence, these need to be very creative and must leave a lasting impact on the audiences. Video marketing services can use formats like a real-life scenario or a problem-solving solution among the many formats that can be used to create the desired image for the brand. The advertisements should focus not only on the national level but also on the local level.

4. Videos for App

Numerous apps are being created for Android as well as iOS every day and this makes the competition very tough. When you launch an app for your business, you will need to have people download the app. To convince them to do so, you will need to give detailed information about the same before you launch it. The app commercials must be capable of speaking for itself using its visual elements.

5. Animated Explainer Videos

If there is a need for explaining something about your products and services, you cannot do better than creating an explainer video. Use animation to create characters and scenarios that are not plausible. With this, you can simplify complex topics and explain them better than you would with a video with normal people.

6. Videos on the Website

Website videos help your product reach your consumers faster. When the consumers visit the website, a video allowing them a peek inside your world helps them to understand what the website is all about and exactly what is on offer. An interesting video that engages the consumer will encourage him to stay on the website for longer and this could result in a conversion.

7. How-To Videos

You can become a leader in your industry simply by creating videos that give simple and clear instructions for using your product for different results. The videos can also be used for promoting the convenience, comfort, and versatility of your product. These could also be about getting in touch with you for a beneficial outcome for the visitor.

8. Testimonials

A video showing consumers who are happy with your product can raise the image of your video. This can further be enhanced by the reasons behind their happiness. Such videos often provide the final touch to an almost-done deal. The video must look authentic and be enacted to bring you the best results. The brand’s success story can also be depicted through a video presented as a story of its consumers.

There are various options for video marketing available and you have to practically choose the correct one to get the maximum benefit for your brand. A proper marketing strategy can be laid out to schedule the different videos as per the need of the hour. For a new business, starting with a product video on the website is good to attract consumers.

Shashi Ranjan

Hi i am Shashi Ranjan, I am talented and experienced digital marketing professional and SEO specialist and also a prolific blogger. I am committed to assist the businesses to succeed in an increasingly technological environment.