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By SHAILY AHUJA 3,530 views

Uttarakhand – Plan a Short Trip in India

Uttarakhand is one of the best places for a short trip in India. Planning a vacation sounds seamless at first but involves multiple challenges. Hence you need a service provider that will guide you and help you choose well. It may so happen that you choose a destination that is either too remote or poorly connected. In both cases, neither will you feel safe nor will the trip be memorable. Hence, you need to plan well and choose a service provider who will help you understand certain key aspects.

Why Do You Need to Book Weekend Trips Online?

The present generation is all about being online. Hence every reputed company has a virtual presence. It provides a sense of ease and comfort when it comes to online booking. If you want to book weekend trips online, you must first check the website and clarify the tariff before selecting a plan. With online booking, you can feel free to look at different options as per your budget without any inhibitions. Your choice depends on your comfort, and you will not feel swayed by external influence.

Moreover, when you are booking online, you can read the content, visit the gallery, and know in detail about the trip that you are about to make. Hence, you can be doubly sure before embarking on the journey. If you want to decide our loved ones into account, share the website details with them so that they can provide some helpful inputs. Modern life is full of chaos and conundrum, and if planning a trip becomes hectic, then most of you will opt-out of it.

But with online booking and self-drive car rental, there is nothing to worry about. The experience becomes smooth and free from hassles. You can book and pay online without having to travel distances for booking confirmation. You can do it from your house without traveling too much. With self-drive, you can enjoy the privacy and comfort of your partner and spend time as per your wish. For those who are planning for a honeymoon, this type of rental is an interesting option for you.

Places to Visit in Uttarakhand

There are numerous delightful places to visit in Uttarakhand. The best homestay destination will provide you with comfort and luxury. It will be one of the most memorable trips of your life, and you will want to keep coming back for more. You can go to the following places:

  • Dehradun

It is a popular tourist spot in Uttarakhand. The primary reason is that you can enjoy the pleasant weather. It is the entry to the doors of India. The valleys are beautiful, scenic, and awe-inspiring. Once you visit the place, there is no looking back for you because the place is so appealing in itself that you will feel like coming back for more. Dehradun is famous for its long-grained rice and local cuisines.

When in the place, you must try out the colorful local cuisine and try out the local dresses and costumes. To get the true flavor of any place, you have to feel a part of the locality and make it the best weekend getaways vacation.

  • Mussoorie

Not just aesthetically but politically, too, it is a very significant place. You will feel like you are among the Queen of all hills at Mussoorie. The place is famous for the Indian Administrative Services and Indian Police Services training centers and academies. Also, the raw beauty of nature is breathtaking. You cannot take your eyes off the beautiful edges of the mountains, the gliding curves, and the dense forests.

Just like other hilly regions, the weather is soothing and cool around the year. It is a very popular honeymoon destination. This is your best option for those of you who are married and want to plan for quick weekend trips and vacations.

  • Nainital

The place is famous for the Naini Lake and the Naini Devi temple in Uttarakhand, and as you can understand, it is named after the deity. If you are wondering what is different in this hill station, then you have to visit in person to understand the beauty of the place. It is a spiritual place but equally adventurous. The forests, hills, lakes add up to the serenity of the site. Whenever you are traveling, you must remember to click pictures and keep them as memories.

Safety Tips While Travelling

While some of you love to travel solo, others love to plan a trip with a group. No matter what the preference is, it would help if you always stay safe at all times. Whenever you are planning a trip, ensure that the locality is not too remote or inaccessible. It will be best to take the help of a reliable agency while booking or planning trips. It will be safe as you know that you are in trusted hands. Do your research before you go to a place so that you are aware of the local names and the distance between the spots.

To Sum It Up

Keep your mobile phones and wallets handy, and do not leave them behind at the hotel or in the car. If you are driving, then choose a route that you know or carry a real or virtual map. Do stay true to the time limit for visiting places and have a great trip. Come back feeling overjoyed and happier than before.

Shaily Ahuja

Shaily Ahuja is the Marketing Analyst from International Travel House. She has expertise in Travel Industry. In her free time she use to read and write travel blogs.

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