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Toggle Clamp
By JOEL BORTHWICK 1,848 views

Various Benefits and Usage of Toggle Clamp in Industries

Equipment is indispensable in any Industry. One of the most important tools used is the toggle clamp. When you start using them you realize how useful they can be. There are several conveniences of this tool that holds and keep a workpiece in place. This is a big advantage because it helps you to exercise control over the piece that you are working with.


Researching on toggle clamps will throw up a surprise when you find a wide variety available in the market. With a large assortment available to you it becomes easy to choose what will be convenient for you. Choose the one that gives you safety and efficiency. Exploring the market will also tell you that it is not a huge investment.

Using a Toggle Clamp and Its Advantages

Toggle Clamp
  • A toggle clamp is extremely reliable and very simple to use. It’s highly efficient operating system makes it cost efficient and reduces work time. No industry would mind the investment on this small thing which would bring efficiency.
  • A toggle clamp is highly adjustable and can be used to suit your work. You can:
  1. Adjust it to assorted heights.
  2. Use them rough work areas.
  3. Exert the coveted clamping force on the object being worked on.
  4. Make use of them as a handhold.
  • Every industry is concerned about safety and with its locking system, this instrument completely ensures that you get that safety. Not only does your workpiece remain fixed but so does the tool.

Toggle Clamps are Better – Why? 

A toggle clamp performs exceptionally well when compared to the other clamps. Their application is exclusive, so they may not get as much attention as other clamps. In fact, buying a toggle clamp is a last resort. However, once you buy you will realize what a perfect choice you have made as they save you from straining your hand and provide safety.

  • This appliance will help to cope with narrow rails as they can be used to immobilize a spacer board whose thickness is the same as the rails. This secures your hands from any blow out that may have otherwise happened.
  • Cutting tenons on-end can be unsafe if done by hand using a standard blade but a pair of toggle clamps can be attached to a jig which you can fashion out of scrap. Now you can pass your workpiece safely through the blade without any risks to your hands.
  • Holding a push stick with your fingers is inviting danger. Toggle clamps will come in useful on equipment that you can make from a piece of scrap. Attach spacer blocks behind the leg and fix toggle clamps. Screw toggle clamps to the spacers. Get your work done in a jiffy without any accident.
  • Closing miter joints with ordinary clamps can be a headache as pressure is required to prevent them from slipping. Toggle clamps can be used to configure a mitering station.
  • Template-routing narrow workpieces can be troublesome unless you make the template piece wider than needed and fix a spacer block to fasten toggle clamps. Lock the clamps, use them as handholds and route safely.

Now that you are aware of the varied uses and convenience of the toggle clamp when used in even the smallest industrial set up it would be the wisest thing to invest in some pieces and get your work done fast, precisely and conveniently without any risk of accidents.

Joel Borthwick

Joel Borthwick is basically from Australia but is keen to explore everything under the sun. He is a part-time blogger, well acclaimed for his blogs on topics like - home improvement, business, lifestyle, health, travel and fashion. He aims to solve day-to-day problems of people through his blogs.