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Attorney Miya Griggs

Veracity’s of hit and Run Case

Hit and run car accident looks like a simple case whereas it is legally explained in a different method in which several features are considered while assessing the cause of the accident. Just visualize that you are driving a car on an empty road and you receive one message on your mobile phone which is very significant. Suddenly, the child comes in front of your car while you are answering the message and is focusing on the mobile says Attorney Miya Griggs from Atlanta, GA. You abruptly apply the brakes and your heart comes into the mouth. You suddenly think that it is better to flee from the scene of the accident which is an example of hit and run car accident.

The growing concerns of hit and runs and the relevant punishment applicable

Every year, close to 1.35 million people across the world are involved in road accidents. Out of this, close to 60 million people die due to hit-and-run cases, while the remaining either sustain injuries or may end up with long life disabilities. It’s essential to understand the hit and run penalty in WA and other regions to promote responsible driving and accountability.

Attorney Miya Griggs

A hit and run is a road incident/accident that happens when a person is careless while driving. This incident can damage public/personal property, a person’s health, and life as well Says Attorney Miya Griggs from Atlanta, GA. In such cases, it can be challenging to track down the culprit. A hit and run penalty in WA can result in fines, jail time, and restitution for the victims of the accident.

Why does this happen?

There are various reasons why a hit-and-run case may occur. Some of the most common reasons are

Driving under the influence of any substance like alcohol/prescription medicine. Driving under bad condition of the road or compromised visibility due to climatic conditions

Talking or messaging while driving or not paying attention. General punishment is applicable for hit-and-run cases across the world. The hit-and-run laws vary from one country to another. If a person is involved in a hit and run and is convicted, the guilty would be punished according to its severity. The different ways of punishment can include.

The person will have to pay a certain amount in the form of a fine and/or bail amount (if applicable) The guilty would have to pay a specific compensation amount – this varies depending on the severity of the accident. May have to serve jail time for a few months or years, and/or community service (if applicable)

Temporary or permanent suspension of the driving license along with relevant terms and conditions.

Hit-and-run car accidents are of the following two types: 

When your vehicle collides with a person or damages something, the driver of the vehicle usually flees from the site of an accident, such type of collision is considered as hit and run case. Generally, when your car meets an accident, the driver is supposed to stop the car and comes out of it to assess the damages and call 911 to inform the authorities if someone is hurt which is legal and moral

Hit and Run cases in the US are not treated as severe crimes, rather they are considered a misdemeanor or a felony. In most of the states in America, a car colliding with another vehicle is a misdemeanor. If someone gets injured in an accident, a victim could be sued with a felony case in the court of law says Attorney Miya Griggs. The driver of the car is bound to stop the vehicle at the site of an accident and must call 911 which is the moral duty and also give them his contact number and other details required by the authorities.

Attorney Miya Griggs

Attorney Miya Griggs from Atlanta, GA is a business professional with over 10 years’ worth of experience in complex litigation and project management.