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video analytics
By ROSE BOHN 2,066 views

Use of Video Analytics in Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries in India, expected to reach $132 bn by 2023 from $61.8 bn in 2017; growing at a CAGR of 16-17%. In the last few years, with growing patient volume and increasing hazards such as fire break out, the State Governments have mandated CCTV networks for video surveillance in health facilities to and comply with quality standards set by NABH for improvement in different areas viz, Hospitals and Clinics, Emergency services and ICUs, Surgical and OTs, Lab and radiology diagnostic, Blood bank services, etc.

Also, Covid-19 pushed further, the need to automate this monitoring of the hospital’s infrastructure, equipment, patients, and safety compliance, in “contactless mode”.

Currently, Healthcare industries use basic CCTV surveillance for monitoring patient traffic, clear pathways for emergencies, room/canteen cleanliness and hygiene, surgical procedures, etc.

With technological evolution in video surveillance occurring all over the globe has swept most of the industrial sectors under its belt. Healthcare is also undergoing a digital transformation with video surveillance.

Intelligent video surveillance is an advanced technology that uses AI and Computer vision to process continuous ongoing real-time videos to get summarised video analytics. Hospitals can now utilize their existing video surveillance infrastructure for “Intelligent Video Surveillance” by integrating AI-based, visual inspection automation platforms.

Check how intelligent video analysis in hospitals helps to get automatic alerts and video analytics for pre-defined process checklists.

AI-based intelligent video analytics can provide 24X7X365 monitoring and improvement in several areas such as process lapses, asset monitoring, staff and patient safety apart from regular security threats and emergencies in the hospital.

Here are some of the most obvious use cases of such intelligent video analytics for the hospital:-

  • Detect any obstructions in the patient’s /stretcher’s pathways, cleanliness schedules, patient environment.
  • Facility or Asset Monitoring can provide a regular check to the equipment being used and their regular maintenance.
  • Several statistics like Incoming People count, Patient /Visitor Arrival patterns, people flow with heat maps, Equipment utilization patterns, etc patterns can be measured.
  • Alert based video surveillance can generate alerts for any accidents, unauthorized access, thefts, fire, or criminal activities

Video intelligence is crucial for hospitals it can improve security, and can avoid tarnishing the reputation of a healthcare institution. However, Patients Monitoring and Medical staff monitoring are a top priority in any healthcare industry.

1. Patients’ Monitoring

Monitoring incoming Patients/Visitors is an important activity of any hospital and a hospital may conduct several observations to get insights into Patient Arrival patterns, Patient demographics, Waiting times, Patient distress, etc. Al helps to monitor patients’ health, track attendant frequency, unattended patient falling, monitoring of patient’s room, etc.

  • Intelligent video analysis for hospitals can improve staff attentiveness or reduce mobile distractions and result in significant operational efficiency or reduce costs.
  • Patient Care Frequency, Patient behavior/ experience, Face recognition for staff readiness, staff behavior can be measured within the facility.

2. Round the clock monitoring:

Intelligent video surveillance can prove beneficial in more than one way. 24*7 all-day monitoring is one of the best highlights of such systems. This ensures that the authorities can keep an eye on all the happenings and guarantee that hospital staff is working without any hindrance.

3. Detector of fire-prone zones

Fire can cause a huge loss of property and life in the hospital. There can be many root causes such as electrical spark or oxygen levels inside ICU which act as fuel to fire. Once the fire is detected by video analytics, sprinkler system, fire extinguisher, fire system is used to douse.

4. Maintenance of hospital buildings

Buildings need to be fully operational and must stick to safety and risk type disasters guidelines. The maintenance work includes repair, cleaning, regular inspection of AC’s electrical boards, sprinklers, medical equipment, etc. AI inspection automation can detect the regularity of routine maintenance which is scheduled in-hospital facilities.

5. Monitoring of Ambulances

Tracking ambulances can be a difficult task for hospitals, but with the help of AI video surveillance, it would be easy to monitor the in and out of ambulances. It would be beneficial for hospital staff to be ready if any emergency cases come suddenly.

6. Tracking of assets

Hospital equipment is a lifesaving asset for patients. Many patients visit hospitals on regular basis, then there is a possibility of vandalism or misuse of equipment. Artificial Intelligence can detect vandalism or misuse of equipment through the camera feed, then sends an alert to the security guard.

7. Safety Precautions in hospitals

Due to the COVID situation, it is necessary to follow protocols so that patients don’t get infected. AI bots can monitor the compliance of safety norms, such as PPE kits are worn properly when required, tracking people who are following social distancing and people who are taking safety precautions inside the hospital.

Visitors are usually confined to the waiting area if their relatives or friends are admitted into the hospital, AI detects it and staff urges those people to follow protocols.

8. Detection of cleanliness

Managing cleanliness schedules can be an automated process in hospitals. AI can track the sweeping and mopping of the floors in the hospital and providing the frequency of cleaning done by the staff as per their schedule.


We provide intelligent video analytics to help the healthcare industry, the most essential industries keep working seamlessly day and night. After all, a cutting-edge facility lays the foundation of quality healthcare.

Intelligent video surveillance is more like an assistant rather than a machine. AI can also detect People counting, heat mapping, queue management, and motion detection would help manage hospital visitors. They have proven to be a boon on given how much the healthcare industries are suffering from various kinds of unethical activities.

Rose Bohn

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