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Videography is one of the most upcoming professions in New Zealand.  More and more people are joining the videography profession, as they find it to be lucrative. The demand for these radiography services, is so high, that many universities have commenced degrees in videography. Videography is the art of capturing moving images on electronic media like direct to disk recording, videotape, or streaming media. This includes methods of video production and post-production.   There are world-class Indian videographers in Christchurch, who will do all these services for all their customers.

There are plenty of ways by which videographers can earn money.  There are many companies, which are providing services from Indian videographers in Wellington, all for a reasonable amount of money and time.  All these Indian videographers have attended degrees from the reputed universities and are giving top-class services to their customers.  Now, let us list the best techniques, for earning money.

1) Weddings and marriages:

The easiest way to commence one’s career and earn money as a videographer is by shooting and recording weddings and marriages in different cities of New Zealand. Since Indian weddings often last three to four days and in some cases for even a week.  If the videographer is one of the amateur Indian videographers in Tauranga, he/ she must ask the guests to purchase some memory cards or batteries in return for money.  After gaining some valuable experience, the videographer can ask for much higher remuneration.

2) Music videos:

For those videographers, who are into the music scene and lovemaking rap and rock, they have lots of options to make money.  They should make music videos of both new and seasoned artists, to keep them busy. This is an excellent way to make long-lasting friendships. Also, the videographer will get lots of opportunities for future collaborations. Once, they shoot the video for the music, they will always be intimated, whenever, the band is doing a concert or a live event.

3) Live Events:

Another good way to earn money is by making videos of all kinds of live events like corporate events, product releases, concerts, conferences, speakers, etc. Whenever a new agency calls a videographer to film their new product release event, then he must make an excellent video, so that he gets a repeat order.  This same principle applies to annual events or conferences. Firms will promote their new event with videos from the earlier year.

One very good technique of earning money is by recording the speaker series.  Whenever, a new speaker comes to the city, where the videographer is located in New Zealand, they can meet some incredible guys.  For example, there was one Indian videographer, who made a video featuring Daniel Radcliffe, when he came to New Zealand.  It was a very impressive addition to his portfolio.

4) High school sports and Highlights:

This is a very good method, especially, for those people who are in high school and are not interested in university. The shooting is quite simple, especially, for those who are doing the shooting footage for the coach.  A coach only wants a wide shot of the field, doing so, they can analyze a lot of players during the play.

After the shooting of the footage is done, it is turned over.  Not a lot of editing, only a DVD or digital copy of the footage is all, that is required. When the season finishes, juniors and seniors are combining to make highlight reels, to send for potential scholarships.  The bonanza is that the videographer will get the footage from the games they have shot.

5) Monetization and tutorials:

The film industry had a very bad reputation for having an unfriendly environment.  After the digital revolution came about, folks started sharing tricks and tips in forums, making YouTube video tutorials.  Experienced videographers can make tutorials on video shooting and establish their own YouTube page for monetization.  In case, videographers are amateur and don’t have adequate knowledge to make videos on their own, they can interview experts, on that subject.

6) Crowdfunding:

Crowdfunding is one of the surest ways by which videographers can raise funds to create their projects.  But, the important point to be noted is that some people can raise the funds to create your projects. There are plenty of websites like Seed & Spark, Kickstarter, and Indiegogo, in which videographers can raise funds to finish their projects.

7) Freelance News Reporting:

For those videographers, who are doing some exclusive work, freelance news reporting is perhaps the best way to earn money. The station must never be asked to share the videographer’s video, but in fact, the videographer must be able to sell the work. The videographers can provide the station with exclusive use of their work.

Final words:

In this article, readers will get adequate knowledge as to how to make money as videographers in New Zealand.

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