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By JOE MAILLET 1,623 views

How to Incorporate a Vintage Rug into your Home Décor

Many beautifully decorated rooms you see on the internet or when visiting luxurious houses probably have one thing in common, and that is an antique or vintage rug. The beautiful colors, traditional designs, and the value and story behind that vintage rugs possess can make every homeowner want a piece and incorporate it into their home décor. They can also be paired with any decorative item you have at home and help put the look of the room together. If you too want to own a piece of these lovely, traditional carpets, consider looking for vintage carpets or antique oriental rugs. If you are looking for tips for incorporating a vintage rug into your home décor, the following points can guide you. Continue reading:

Check your space before purchasing a vintage rug.

Before you buy the rug, make sure you look around you and figure out which part of the house or room will be the best spot to place an antique oriental rug. Do you want to spice up the look of your bedroom with a vintage rug? Or create a conversation piece in the living room? Knowing your purpose will help you decide on the color and type of antique rug you should buy. Antique oriental rugs are also available in different sizes, and you will also find large vintage area rugs. It is significant to determine the size before investing in any piece.

Play with colors.

Oriental rugs are an excellent way to introduce playfulness and fun into your space. This is mostly because of the colors, patterns, or styles these carpets have. Adding a vintage rug also opens to more opportunities for adding colors to your room. It also allows you to incorporate more colorful and decorative shades that can brighten and enhance the look of your space. However, when playing with colors, make sure that the color of any item you put in matches at least one shade in the rug.

Make a statement with a vintage rug.

Traditional, oriental rugs are beautiful and can enhance any space instantly. If you own a lovely vintage rug, you can also use it to spice up the look of your room. The rug is versatile, which means that it works well with many colors and décor styles. The bright-colored oriental rug can beautifully stand out in a space that otherwise looks dull or possess a more muted tone.

Vintage or Antique oriental rugs are beautiful and versatile, making them a perfect décor item to add to your room. They are also durable and valuable that you can pass down from one generation to another. Consider these few tips to help you when incorporating a vintage rug into your home décor.

Joe Maillet

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