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Over the years, workplaces have been dominated by numerous electronic devices, platforms, and apps. No wonder work is becoming more virtual every day. With the Internet and advanced technology, you can now do your job from your bed, favorite coffee shop, car, or even the beach. Still, even virtual workspaces can be messy and unorganized. It can make your job more difficult than it already is. If you want to be productive and diligent, you have to take some time and keep your workspace organized at all times. Take a look at our suggestions to help you keep everything in order. 

Keep folders and files organized

Every larger company has a file room or the place where all important files are kept, especially law firms. Employees have access to this room and can take a look at any file they need to help them do their job right. Virtual teams have something similar going on. In particular, they keep all folders and files organized in their digital storage. What they all have in common are filing systems. In most cases, they organize files by client name. Within the main folder, you can then create as many subfolders as you like. More importantly, you can create one folder and archive all documents you no longer actively need for future reference. 

Pin applications and platforms 

As a remote employee, you use various applications and platforms every day. Some of them allow you to stay in touch with coworkers, such as an employee app. Others help you to collaborate, communicate with clients, or stay on top of your projects. To have easy access to any of those apps, all you have to do is pin the ones you regularly use to the taskbar. This way your favorite apps are just one click away. You don’t have to bother clicking too many times until you launch the app you want. 

Use reminders in your virtual workspace

You can either love it or hate it, but the truth is technology makes our lives easier. It helps us stay organized no matter how busy we are. Since in the business world, punctuality and adherence to deadlines are the two most valuable assets, you should take all the help you can get. For instance, make use of digital reminders. You can combine them with your calendar and set reminders for meetings, video conferences, and deadlines. This way you are making sure to attend every meeting with the team or clients and meet project deadlines on time. With reminders, you are ready to dominate the virtual workspace. 

Hire a virtual assistant

If you have too many things on your plate and mind and could use some delegating, then you should consider hiring a virtual assistant. There are many cost-efficient or even free apps that you can download and stay organized. Such apps can help you scheduling meetings, organizing emails, filing documents, research, and taking notes. These apps take some pressure off of you and make your day less hectic thus leaving you plenty of time to focus on more demanding tasks. More importantly, 

Install anti-distraction apps for your virtual workspace

One of the main problems of virtual teams is distractions. Your main tool is your laptop with access to the Internet. Social media, Youtube, and other platforms are just one click away which means you can find yourself scrolling through your feed in a matter of seconds. All of a sudden, you realize an hour has passed and you haven’t done any work. To improve your productivity, you can install anti-distraction apps across your devices. Such apps limit your access to certain webpages or platforms for a given period. This way you can focus on your work assignments without any interruptions or distractions whatsoever. 

Take screenshots and keep them in one place 

Most members of virtual teams take screenshots all the time as it helps them save important information for clients. At the end of the day, their desktop is covered in screenshots. Moreover, they rarely label them properly, so they all get mixed up. To prevent this from happening to you, you can designate a particular folder or directory and save all screenshots in one digital place. All you have to do is change the default save location in the settings and remember to name every screenshot appropriately to avoid any confusion. With the help of a search button and commands, you can quickly find the screenshot you are looking for. 

On the whole, keeping everything in order isn’t only necessary to make your job easier. It is also crucial for professional success in any field or industry. All the more so if you are a part of a virtual team and all your work is done online. With our tips, you will finally be able to stay organized and productive.

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