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By JOE MAILLET 3,625 views

Safest Places to Visit in Oman (A Local Guide)

Do you want to plan to overwhelm the experience of the picturesque desert, historic forts, souqs, mosques? Beaches, swimming, stunning wadis, and spectacular mountain ranges in the Middle East? So, Oman is the preferable selection to enjoy the amazing experience. Oman is the wealthiest country that dotted on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula with a strictly religious, moral, and legal code.  The city of Muscat serves as the capital of the traditional country.   The crime of any type in this exotic destination is severely punished. The Sultanate of Oman is filled with incredible attractions and cities (Muscat, Salalah, and Sohar) for all those visitors. Who love outdoors or want to meet the beautiful oases, diverse landscapes. Striking sand dunes, towering mountains, rugged coastlines, jagged valleys.

Absolutely, the Arabian living style country is quite safe for all the visitors either they are local or foreigners. Only one quick glance on Oman’s palm-fringed areas, stunning mosaics, holy minarets. And emerald sinkholes are enough to convince you to reserve Gulf Air Flights to land at the capital. Or any largest city’s international airport to explore these. Yes, Gulf Airlines shares the comfortable and the snug fly services to the entire Middle East. From all over the world’s destinations in the most handsome fares. Just pack your bags and visit the budget-friendly. A safe and friendly country that natural beauty is a key-point of its cultural riches.


Before the collection of the safest places, you need to know about the dressing code. Because as tourists you must need to carry dressing regarding the state or country rules and regulations. If you wish to stroll and exploring without any weird look, then as a lady tourist. You should wear shoulder and arm covered clothes all time. Avoid wearing strapless dresses, while the long skirts you can carry that reach beneath the knee at-least. As men tourists, you can wear jeans pant and a T-shirt, but avoid wearing shorts on the streets.

Take a look at some Oman’s safest places to visit.


When the talk about the safe places in Oman for the tourist, then the capital city comes on the top! The Muscat is the largest city in this country that is renowned for the various forts, museums, markets, and palaces, while Islamic architecture is a reason enough for this city.  The Muscat is auto automatically listed in everyone’s itinerary due to the historical locations, including the Qasr Al Alam Royal Palace, the twin forts of Al Jalali and Al Mirani, Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque with its second-largest Persian carpet.


The Nizwa is one of the largest cities in Oman that is welcoming the huge amount of the visitor annually.  The city is considered the safest place for tourists or local visitors.  You can see that this valley surrounding covers with the palm groves. No doubt, it is best for its incredible attraction such as the ancient Nizwa Fort that was built in the 17th century, underground way, flat roof, stairwell, sand-colored towers, traditional items, and the local souqs.


The city of Salalah encourages the splendid architecture and safe tourism in the South of Oman. This blog suggested you, must visit this city of Oman between June and August because the monsoon transforms it into a lush green Eden with the streams and waterfall that enhance the thrilling and the excitement in your tour. Definitely, in this breathtaking weather, you can enjoy the Qaboos Palace, Old Town Haffa, while don’t miss to buy any souvenir from the local souq of this ancient town.

Jebel Akhdar:

Jebel Akhdar is also famous as the Green Mountains on the highest point of Oman. This is made with the limestone, while the temperature surrounding this Jebel is very pleasant that attracts the tourist or the adventure lover. Yes, it is one of the protective destinations for outdoor activities, including climbing, hiking, trekking and etc. So, we must include this place in Oman’s exploring places.


Sur is the port city in eastern Oman. Its shipyards still produce with the wooden vessel (they never use nails or glue, in fact, making with the traditional way) that is the reflection of the maritime past of this country. The natural harbor of the city and a brick shade rock formation gives delight glimpse. You can climb up on the Al Ayjah to view the city and dhow, while the mosques, castles, lighthouse you can safely visit. For the more fun and strolling you can wander the lanes around Makha and Ar Rashah or walking on along the harbor.


You can get leverage from the Cheap Flight Deals to feel the fresh sea air and breathtaking views, while its capital and other places are famous due to the dazzling local markets, delicious seafood, and superb Omani Halva. The Omanis are kind, relaxed, and polite people and love to eat date as the favorite and honorable fruit, while the peaceful and mountainous villages and castles in UNESCO, palm farms, and beautiful beaches are the symbols of the exciting and traditional country Oman.  You should respect their values, virtues, and law.

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