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By LARBY AMIROUCHE 1,204 views

Does Volunteer Work in your Industry help your Resume?

  • Larby Amirouche is a pioneer in internet marketing and e-commerce, widely respected as an industry leader and trendsetter. He is known to make efficient campaigns and strategies for a successful business. One of the things he considers that has a big impact on a resume is volunteering. He believes that volunteering, even though not important to others, is a big aspect of the applicant’s personality.

But what is volunteering and how does it help job seekers on their resumes? Is the volunteer work for a different industry-relevant or helpful in getting a job? Listed below are some of the things that need to be considered why putting volunteer work is essential for one’s CV.

What is volunteering?


Volunteering is described as an unpaid act where one gives time to help a non-profit organization or an individual to render services. Usually, volunteering to a certain organization or institution is buffering support for the campaign where salary is not demanded, but can be compensated in some way. But the overall idea of volunteering is to give time and effort to provide acts and services. 

It is always associated with passion, compassion, and commitment because of the provisions that volunteering requires.

Does it help one’s resume?

Indeed, volunteering helps applicants on their resume. If an individual has volunteer work associated with them, employers will see their true personality. Some people only do what needs to be done, sometimes half-heartedly, because they are paid. Unlike volunteers, they gained experience through volunteering and showed good character and work ethic. 

It does not matter which industry a person volunteered with, the important aspect of it is the act itself. It enhances the potential of an applicant through the employers eyes, giving them advantage over others.

The best example for this are nurses. 

Benefits of volunteering for resume

1. Shows positive character

If an individual volunteered, it automatically shows positivity towards the candidate. This is an advantage as the first impression lasts especially for recruitment. If a recruiter sees the volunteer work and proves it during the interview, it is a sure ticket to employment. 

Employers seek positive applicants as pessimism can destroy a workplace, volunteers have this sunny and positive attitude which would be a great addition to a team. Easily, it is very important to emphasize that volunteer work is fun and enjoyable to make it more satisfying for the recruiter. 

2. Experience gained

Even if it is unpaid service, experience can still be gained by doing labors for free. The experience gathered from the service can be applicable to a certain industry. The applicant should know what those experiences are and try to incorporate them with the job application. 

3. Building bridges 

Doing volunteer work can create new relationships and connections to other people. Which can and may help you in building rapport and bridges to other people. Employers look for people who can be a great addition to the team, and being a team player is one of them. Because of volunteer work, you can develop people skills which are vital to survive in a company. 

4. Additional skills

Gaining additional skills during volunteering is also one of the aspects why it should be on the resume. Recruiters look at the experience, skills, and even talents. Relevance has its place but it is more on what the job hunter can bring to the table for the business or company. It is always good to have a skill at one’s disposal relevant or not. 

5. Positive disposition

As mentioned before. Volunteering is unpaid, which means people do it for passion, compassion, or pure commitment, which is a good note for applicants. Being on the good side of the recruiter is always good and should always be considered when looking for a job.

Here are the things why volunteering can help resumes of applicants in job hunting. Larby Amirouche knows that people who volunteer have great personalities as they accommodate tasks even without being paid. This tells a lot on a person positively, which can be intriguing and enticing for companies in hiring employees.

Larby Amirouche

Larby Amirouche from Chicago, IL is a pioneer in online marketing and e-commerce, widely admired as a business pioneer and trendsetter.