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If this is the first time you are going to buy wall stickers, there are certain things you need to know about these amazing home décor items. Whether you are buying living room wall sticker décor, or it is for bedroom, you have to make sure about certain things before buying these. Today, you will get all the required answers that you have popped up in your mind so far whenever you decided to buy wall decals. Have a look-

  1. What Is Wall Decal?

Many of you know this. But, if you are not that much aware of the type, you need to know that these are not wallpapers. Rather, these are beautiful works of art that are made of thin vinyl material and when you put them on your walls, it seems that you have painted those designs on the wall.

  1. Why Do You Need to Apply Wall Decal?

If you want to decorate the walls of your house without damaging the walls, wall stickers are the best solution. Also, you can apply those on glass windows, mirrors, furniture, doors, etc. besides walls. And another benefit is that you don’t need to spend a lot while buying these stickers.

  1. Can You Remove Wall Stickers?

Wall decals are a temporary solution of your home décor. If you want to replace them with new designer wall stickers, you can easily remove the previous one. As the wall stickers are made of super thin vinyl material, you can easily remove those. But, once you remove it, you can’t reapply the same on your wall.

  1. Can You Use Wall Stickers on Any Surface?

Absolutely not. You need a smooth and light-textured surface to apply wall decals. If your wall has an eggshell painted surface, there will be air pockets, created between the wall and the sticker and the adhesive will not work. As a result, the sticker won’t stick and fall. So, always make sure that you are applying the wall sticker on a dirt-free and smooth surface.

  1. Do the Wall Stickers Damage Your Wall?

Once you apply it appropriately, it will not damage your wall, rather protect it. But, while removing, you can use blow drier to make the adhesive loosen up and you can easily peel it off. Thus, there will be no damage to your wall.

  1. Can You Apply Wall Decal on Wall Paper?

You can do this only when you have planned to remove the wallpaper in the future. Actually, once applied, wall decals can’t be removed from wallpapers. So, you have to change the entire wallpaper in case of that.

  1. Is It Easy to Apply Wall Decals?

When you buy wall decals from any shop or online, you will get a user manual with detail instructions of how to apply it. Once you follow those, applying the wall stickers won’t be difficult.

Hopefully, you get enough answers to your questions when it comes to applying wall decals. What are you waiting for? Get living room wall sticker ideas, place your order online and apply them on the walls of your house to make it look amazing.

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